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Create Your Own Wood Slab Coffee Table

Are you dreaming up a project to create a beautiful, unique wood slab coffee table? At the Lumber Shack we will help find the perfect wood slab and get you well on your way to creating your unique, custom look.

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A walnut wood slab coffee table with metal legs

Find One-of-a-Kind Wood Slabs

Browse our inventory of live edge wood and create your own one-of-a-kind wood slab coffee table. No live edge slab is the same, which makes your coffee table's uniquely yours. Shop from 12+ wood species, and 5,000 live edge slabs ready to be handcrafted into live edge furniture.

We provide everything you will need to complete your wood table project, including table bases, buyer guides and more.

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Uniqueness & Luxury

Live Edge Furniture creates a unique and luxurious experience in your living room, dining room, and more. Wood Slab Coffee Tables are a great way to incorporate modern or rustic design into your home.

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What Wood Species Are You Looking For?

Whether you know what you're looking for or just have an idea. Our team of wood experts can bring your vision into reality.

Today's consumers want furniture that is charming, rustic, sleek, and elegant all at once, and for a lot of furniture vendors this creates a challenge. However, for those that use our selection of sustainably sourced wood slabs. Finding the perfect piece for your wood slab coffee table is no trouble.

Black Walnut is a favorite for many of our current craftsmen and customers because of it's rich variety of colors and figure. With hints of red, black, and sometimes purple, black walnut's dark brown heartwood captures the attention of everyone around.
Take a look at the different live edge options taht we showcase in our gallery; some are subtle while others are bold. However, all are beautifully raw and perfectly crafted. Wood Slab Coffee Tables come in all different shapes, sizes, color and figuration, which gives every home it's own personality.

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What Size Wood Slab Coffee Table Do You Want?

Call us at 515-832-8733 or email us at and tell us more about your goals and what you’re envisioning, we can offer you slabs of different sizes and up to 170 inches in length so you can create the perfect sized wood slab coffee table for your purposes.

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Two wood slab coffee tables with epoxy

Resources For Your Wood Slab Coffee Table Project

Browse our news blog for helpful tips or view our inspiration gallery to find amazing finished products from our valued customers. We’re here to help your live edge project become a success.

Black walnut wood slab coffee table

Check Out These Other Live Edge Furniture Options

Our broad inventory of live edge wood slabs has a variety of options for your next project. If you want to explore options beyond our wood slab coffee tables we have buyer’s guides, helpful tips and great deals on live edge slabs to help your project succeed.

Custom table top with wooden legs

Custom Table Tops

Create your own unique dining room table with our custom table top options. Select your wood type, size and preferred style and we provide a stunning, unique table top built to your specifications. Our custom table top options are perfect for your dining rooms, restaurants and more.

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Light wood mantel slab with plants and a white mantel

Live Edge Mantels

A live edge mantel could be the perfect compliment to your live edge coffee table in your living room. Live edge mantels add a natural touch and unique style to your fireplace. You can find a perfect one-of-a-kind live edge mantel wood slab in our online inventory.

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A live edge bar top with metal bar stools

Live Edge Bar Tops

Is your dream live edge wood project a natural bar top with one-of-a-kind wood? We can provide a wood slab to fit your bar top or counter top and fulfill your vision. Learn more about creating your new eye-catching live edge bar.

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Live Edge Charcuterie Boards

Live edge charcuterie boards create a natural flare to your kitchen and dining room. The Lumber Shack can provide wood for unique charcuterie boards or finished charcuterie boards ready for you to enjoy.

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Black walnut wood table slab with clear epoxy

The Best Wood Slab Shopping Experience

• Detailed product photos and descriptions
• Expansive online inventory
The Lumber Shack Guarantee

Whether you’re shopping for wood to enhance your own personal space or you’re looking for the perfect wood slabs to create coffee tables for your clients, you’ll find the best shopping experience here at the Lumber Shack. Our company is based out of Iowa and we guarantee you locally harvested wood that is envied all over the country. Clients often expect our prices to be much higher as the caliber of wood slab coffee tables that you find in our online inventory is one of the highest. However, because we do a lot of the heavy lifting and pour in so much of our time and talents ourselves to prepare these pieces for you, we are pleased to offer you beautiful options at a great price.

We Provide Raw Wood Slabs or Finished Wood Products

Our family owned and operated business is also happy to give you options as an individual or for your business needs. If you have the time, tools, and the desire to take our wood slabs and level, sand, and finish them, you can virtually purchase your slabs from our inventory and then work your own magic. However, if you would rather have us work our magic to turn your wood slabs into an incredible coffee table, much like the ones you can view in the photo galleries on our website, we offer that option as well.

View Finishing Options
Sanding black walnut slab

Joint & Glue-up of Slabs

Flattening black walnut slab

Flattening the top and bottom of the slab for you, Includes Joint & Glue-up if applicable.

Cutting a wood slab with a table saw

Flattening the top and the bottom of the slab for you, after jointing and gluing the edge wood slabs together.

Professional Grade sanding and application of commercial grade satin lacquer

Professional Grade Sanding & Application of Commercial Grade Satin Lacquer or Rubio Monocoat Oil Finish

Wood slab with epoxy filler

Epoxy and wood fillers are available depending on finishing level selected. Pricing is slab dependent and can be quoted upon request.

Two images with wood slab tables

Other Hardware For Your Wood Slab Coffee Table

You can also shop for hardware including coffee table legs in our online shop. Gorgeous wood slabs that are flattened, sanded and finished to perfection when affixed with the right touches of metal hardware are rustic and very pleasing to the eye.

So, if you were wondering what you would use for the legs of your coffee table, we have you covered in that department as well. As you peruse through the finished coffee tables in our photo gallery, you’ll be able to view ideas and inspiration for the table legs that will work best for your project or clients.

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A dark wood countertop and a live edge wood circular coffee table

Premium Quality Wood Every Time

At The Lumber Shack we guarantee only the most premium and perfectly crafted wood slabs. Wood needs to be properly treated and sanitized before it can be successfully transformed and used as decor or furniture. We take care of that process for you here at The Lumber Shack. First of all, we sanitize every slab or cut of wood that will be sold through a heat treatment that the wood is safe as well as free of insects or germs.

Not only do we perform this heat sterilizing treatment for all of our wood, but we also fire our lumber in a wood kiln which is the best way to heat the wood. The way we perform this heat treatment guarantees that we get the temperature and firing process right every time so that the perfect amount of moisture is retained in our wood slabs. This is why you’ll notice that all of our beautiful, individually carved slabs have the perfect color and will arrive to you in prime condition every time.

We’re available for our customers before, during and after they purchase our products. If you have a question about your wood slab coffee table or just need help and tips for finishing the product we’ve sent you, we invite you to reach out to us.

We provide the highest level of care to our clients because we’re passionate and proud of the work we do and also because we want you to make The Lumber Shack your go to choice for all of your timber and wood crafting needs. Start your virtual shopping experience today or call us at 515-832-8733 and we’ll be happy to give you a virtual tour or take you straight to the section you’re looking for.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

We provide the most client friendly virtual shopping experience along with a beautiful array of solid wood table top options for your residential or commercial project. The Lumber Shack is based in Iowa and has been shipping our Iowa harvested Live Edge Wood Products nationwide for over 13 years. We strive to get you what you ordered, exactly how you ordered it, every time.