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Live edge tables are the perfect focal point of any room. Buy 100 percent unique live edge table slabs from The Lumber Shack and create the perfect conversation piece, family heirloom or place to gather.

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Browse our inventory of live edge tables and let your creativity flourish. We have hundreds of single live edge slabs and bookmatched table top sets ready for your table top project.


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What is Live Edge?

A live edge is when the edges of a slab, or flitch, have not been cut or processed. This leaves the natural flowing edge of the tree intact, giving these pieces a uniqueness and beauty that can't be matched. We intentionally leave the live edge through milling and processing to provide this highly sought after look. All of our Live Edge Tables are milled right here at The Lumber Shack by our expert sawyers.

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Wood Slabs for Live Edge Tables
River Live Edge Table

Add a durable and unique touch to the overall décor of any room in your home or office.

The Lumber Shack offers a wide variety of table top sets from locally harvested wood including magnificent slabs cut from Black Walnut, Spalted Maple, Oak, Hackberry, Ash, and more. These expert cut slabs of Iowa wood are kiln dried and heat sterilized, providing you with selections for your live edge table top that are sure to be of the best quality.

Expansive Inventory Options

The Lumber Shack's expansive inventory includes live edge table top sets with one-of-a-kind grain patterns, a wide range of dimensions, and over a dozen wood types. We work hard to ensure that our inventory is full of Live Edge Tables with varying levels of character, color variations, and natural characteristics so you can find what you need for every project. We have inventory options for small live edge coffee tables and large live edge dining tables.

Close up photo of wood slabs for Live Edge Tables

Perfect live edge tables delivered to your door ready to install or ready to DIY

Every live edge table top has the option of being delivered to you with minimal work or fully finished to your specifications. We offer varying levels of finishing work to allow you to select the option that works best for your project. The Lumber Shack team is happy to walk you through all of the possible finishing options, giving you expert advice and support as you create your perfect live edge table.

Live Edge Table in Dining Room

Create live edge masterpieces

Beautiful wood furniture pieces from The Lumber Shack are cut from over a dozen domestic wood types, including Black Walnut, Maple, Ash, Boxelder, Cedar, Oak, and more. You will find detailed images, dimensions, and characteristics for the exact piece of wood shown in the product images. Make your decision and rest assured that you'll receive the exact live edge slab you select.

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Live Edge Table bar by a window
Live Edge table in dining room

Live edge tables to elevate your dining room

If you are searching for that one-of-a-kind look for your live edge dining room table, our inventory of thousands of live edge slabs is the place to start. Whether you are needing seating for 3 or 23, you'll find the right size live edge slab in our inventory. Choose a stunning Black Walnut Slab, a unique Spalted Maple, or one of our other Iowa-Native wood types to craft a live edge table that meets your size and style needs. Metal and wood table bases are avaiable for your projects. 

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Live edge bookmatched tables

Our wood experts have been trained to keep our unique log sets together all the way through milling and drying. This allows us to bookmatch two slabs, or flitches, and create our Bookmatched Table Top Sets. To bookmatch is to open two slabs that were face to face in the tree and place them side by side, much like pages in a book. These bookmatched slabs can then be used to create wood table tops that are wider or longer than the tree itself. The grain patterns, characteristics, and color of each slab are almost mirror images, providing a nearly seamless build for your project.

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Live Edge Bookmatched table in dining room

Wood table top finishing options can be added to any slab:

Joint & Glue-up of Slabs for building a live edge table

Joint & Glue-up of Slabs

Flattening the top and bottom of the slab for a live edge table

Flattening the top and bottom of the slab for you, Includes Joint & Glue-up if applicable.

Flattening the top and the bottom of the slab  for a live edge table

Flattening the top and the bottom of the slab for you, after jointing and gluing the edge wood slabs together.

Professional Grade Sanding & Application of Commercial Grade Satin Lacquer or Rubio Monocoat Oil Finish for a live edge table

Professional Grade Sanding & Application of Commercial Grade Satin Lacquer or Rubio Monocoat Oil Finish

Epoxy and wood fillers are available for your live edge table slabs

Epoxy and wood fillers are available depending on finishing level selected. Pricing is slab dependent and can be quoted upon request.

Eye-catching epoxy river tables

To create a one-of-a-kind epoxy river table, start with the perfect live edge slab. 

Epoxy River Live Edge Table

A well-crafted live edge river table is the perfect combination of form and function. You can let your creativity soar by creating your favorite color combinations with the endless options the connecting epoxy material offers. Start with selecting an attractive live edge wood slab from The Lumber Shack's broad inventory. Choose from our River Table Top Sets or mix-and-match single live edge slabs to get your dream river design.

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Contact us directly to consult with a professional woodworking expert about the river table finishing options that will work best for you.

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Designed to last: Live edge tables crafted with finesse and precision

Our live edge wood products are all kiln dried and heat sterilized to ensure each slab is ready for interior use. Our wood experts are trained to check the moisture content on each piece so we can guarantee it is ready and safe for use in your or your customer's home.

What our customers love about our live edge table tops is the one-of-a-kind natural look that each one offers. We take a hands-on approach to cutting, drying, processing, listing, and finishing each slab so you can rest assured you're getting the beautiful, high quality piece you're expecting.

Live Edge Table Examples

Buy directly from live edge wood experts

If you see something you like and want to know more, call us at 515-832-8733, email our team at, or live chat with one of our Wood Experts now!

Live Edge Table Example

Crafted, Not Produced

No two wood table tops are exactly the same, and here at The Lumber Shack, we take a hands-on approach that allows us to work with the unique characteristics of each slab to provide the highest quality wood table tops. Each piece is prepare with the finesse and precision that only hand-crafted work can provide so you know you're getting our best work every time.

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Time tested quality assurance process

Our slabs are closely scrutinized to be sure there are no discrepancies between the slab itself and the information provided in our virtual listings. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of buying live edge slabs online by providing accurate information on each item in our online inventory.

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Get Inspired

Check out our Inspiration Gallery to see the amazing live edge tables created by us and loyal customer of The Lumber Shack. With photo galleries of coffee tables, sofa tables, river tables, end tables, and dining tables, you're sure to find inspiration for your next project!

Live Edge Coffee Tables

A well designed and well-placed live edge slab coffee table will transform any room from ordinary to extraordinary. It's more than just a place to kick up your feet or place your favorite beverage. A hand-crafted live edge coffee table is a conversation piece that has the potential to be a family heirloom piece to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Live Edge Coffee Tables
Coffee Live Edge Table
Live Edge Bar Top Table

Live Edge Bar Tops

Have a man cave with a private bar that you want to finish off with the natural look of a Live Edge slab? Or are you looking to put in a kitchen bar for more seating to feed a small army? Either way, The Lumber Shack has the top-notch pieces you need to get the job done right. Our Live Edge slabs are sure to make quite an impression while you are entertaining guests and serving your family. There is nothing quite like the natural character you will find in our strategically cut Live Edge slabs.

Live Edge Bar Tops

Island Countertops

If you have a little nook in your home and you want to make the space more functional, consider creating a personalized countertop from one of our Live Edge slabs. Not only will you create a beautiful piece of hand-crafted woodwork for your countertop, but you will also enjoy an increase in usable space in your home. Check out our inventory today for the best Live Edge slab selection in the market.

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Live Edge Countertop
River Live Edge Table

Live Edge River Tables

Create an awe-inspiring masterpiece by turning our premium Live Edge slabs into a river table. River tables draw all kinds of attention from anyone who walks into the room. The beautifully inspired integration of wood and glass along with color or rocks helps you feel close to nature. Check out the varying types of designs you can get by starting with a Live Edge slab made from Black Walnut, Maple or any other wood that we have in our inventory.

Live Edge River Tables

Can't find the perfect table top slab?

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Custom built wood table tops from The Lumber Shack offer the most customization options possible so you can build your dream table.

Our simplified design process is easy to use and allows you to select your ideal specifications.

Unique custom tops are perfect to upgrade your dining table, bar top, counters, vanities, and more. Each top is built from sustainably sourced lumber boards that are hand selected to meet your specific dimensions.

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