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We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, PayPal & Shop Pay. Payment is processed immediately after placing the order.  It is at the discretion of The Lumber Shack to cancel orders based on errors, or potential fraud.  

Shop Pay allows you to split your order total into 4 monthly, interest-free installments. The first installment is due immediately at checkout, and Shopify will notify you before charging the remaining 3 payments. Installment amounts will be displayed at checkout and will not change after the order has been placed. Payments are made every 2 weeks after the order has been placed. This payment option does not affect your credit score and there are no late fees, but if a payment is late or not made at all Shopify may bar you from using this option in the future. Shop Pay is an option provided by Shopify and is not managed by the The Lumber Shack and we have no access to or control over your installment agreement with Shopify.

Customer Holds

We are able to hold purchased items for you to combine with another shipment at a later date. You must stay in contact with us regarding those items in order for them to stay on hold. If we do not hear from you and are unable to reach you after a 6 month period, all items will be returned into stock and no refunds will be issued.

Custom Work

All deposits for custom work are non-refundable unless otherwise agreed upon. Please see Returns and Refunds for further information about custom-work fees.

Kiln Dried Wood Disclaimer

Here at The Lumber Shack we take pride in drying all of our live edge slabs down to 6-8% moisture content. This process helps minimize the natural tendency that wood has to move and decay. Wood slabs can react and to the moisture content in the air depending on your location and what time of year it is. In a sense, wood is actually a living and breathing object that reacts to the environment it lives in. This naturally occurring movement can cause slight bows, cups, twists, and small cracking to occur in your slabs. This is normal. The most common cause of this is large swings in humidity. We recommend keeping your wood in a space that has a humidity level between 35% and 50% and maintaining a steady air flow. Storing your slab(s) in an environment outside of these levels, or where they are exposed to sudden temperature and humidity changes can result in significant movements and warping, and will not be considered a valid claim with The Lumber Shack.

Preventative Action

If you order a table from The Lumber Shack, it is possible that it will be shipped to you with temporary struts attached to the bottom. We do this to help keep your piece as flat as possible all the way through the shipping process. These can be easily removed once you are ready to install your top to your base. The best way to minimize and prevent major wood movements in finished products is by using a solid and supportive base. On larger table tops, we recommend using a table base or leg design that provides a strut like structure that supports the width of the table top. We do not recommend using a four corner leg design, as this can result in your table bowing and cupping. If we do not build your base or provide you with struts, we cannot guarantee this from happening. If we are finishing your table top, you may request matching table struts to be installed to the bottom at an additional fee.

Wood Care

The best way to clean finished products by The Lumber Shack is with a soft towel or cloth and water. If necessary, you may use a mild soap as well. If your piece has been finished with the Rubio Monocoat Pure 2C Oil, you can also use their “Surface Care” cleaning solution. We do recommend avoiding harsh cleaning products that can lift or alter the finish. When using hot items, always use a coaster or trivet to protect your surface. Extended exposure to water or direct sunlight can also cause damage to your slab.

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