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Charcuterie Board Slabs

Do you need an organic and rustically beautiful piece to add a charming and natural touch to your kitchen? Or maybe you want to create multiple, natural wood kitchen products to sell to your own clients. Either way, you should definitely check out the lovely smaller wood slabs we sell that are perfect for making solid wood charcuterie boards that your clients or friends will admire and go crazy over.

You can leave a beautiful Live Edge in your charcuterie board slabs and there are plenty of “how-to’s” and helpful videos out there to help you create the perfect, organic looking product that you want, and you’ll find that the process is surprisingly simple. At The Lumber Shack, we provide you with a huge selection of high quality wood slabs that have already been properly heat sterilized as well as kiln dried to perfection so all you need to do is order the slabs you want and create your beautiful, custom charcuterie boards. Consumers love wooden charcuterie board slabs because they’re not only sturdy and practical but when crafted and finished correctly, their stunning beauty stands the test of time and becomes a charming piece that only looks better as time goes by. We can provide you some great tips on how to finish your cutting boards, so they last and are fortified against nicks and cuts, or simply choose one of our finishing services and we’ll make sure your charcuteries are finished perfectly for you and/or your clients.

Our clients from all over the country prefer to purchase wood from The Lumber Shack because we support the practice of urban renewal and prioritize sustainably harvested timber. Not only are we an environmentally friendly lumber company, but we also take the time to personally select the most beautiful logs with the richest colors. We then cut these beautiful logs into slabs for you; we’ve chosen to train our lumber cutters to do this in such a way that the character and natural shapes and lines in the wood are preserved.

Charcuterie Board Slabs
Charcuterie Board Slab

Modern consumers and businesses alike prefer furniture and accent pieces that are not just beautiful but also organic, rustic, high quality, and with a special element of soul that you find only in wood that has been allowed to keep an essence of its raw, untamed self while still being cut, treated and finished in an elegant way. At The Lumber Shack we know this because we’ve been in business for 13 years and we’ve maintained our company’s reputation of being a cut above our competitors in all that we do and provide for our clients.

Unlike typical manufacturers, when you purchase a slab for your charcuterie board from our family business, you’re not buying out of a stock pile of wood cuts. We put care and love into every aspect of our business including the way we store and catalogue our wood slabs and other inventory, as we number each and every cut of wood in a distinct way so that when you see the item you want in our online shop and you click to order it, we ship you that exact same piece that was in the photographs. You’ll find there is not a single difference between the product you viewed online and the one that is shipped right to your door with the speed and affordability that we take the time and effort to provide to you.

Our customers, who often tend to be lifelong patrons of our business, appreciate not just the distinctive quality of our products but also appreciate that the customer service we provide every time they shop with us is the highest level. Not only do we care about the customer and have the best quality wood pieces available on the market, but we also understand the unique needs of our clients. Clients who order wood slabs for their own business require an efficient process that gets them what they need sooner than most out of state lumber companies can provide this. The difference at The Lumber Shack is that we can provide you the custom wood slabs you need in a shorter amount of time because our large inventory selection allows us to provide the already cut and prepared pieces you need. Any finishing work you want us to do is completed by our well-practiced employees who are able to get the job done with speed and efficiency.

charcuterie board
Charcuterie cutting board

Want some inspiration for your favorite cutting boards? Take a look at some finished cutting boards in our charcuterie board gallery on the website. You’ll notice that there are many types of wood that work great for a piece like this. Some of these include black walnut, oak, maple, hackberry, and spalted maple. You might be surprised that there are also so many different looks and shapes that can be used for your cutting board. Your friends, family, or your clients will love being surprised by something creative and unique. Cutting boards don’t have to be thin and completely symmetrical, in fact that look is pretty boring if you ask us!

Creativity is a prized art in the world of wood working and you can create something truly special and unique with our wood slabs that are at once unexpected and greatly appreciated by all who use or view your product. Our gallery of cutting boards can help inspire you with multiple options including live edge, round or oval shaped charcuterie board slabs, as well as some unexpected shapes that are sure to spark the imagination. Still don’t know what will work best for your purposes?

Call us now at 515-832-8733 and it will be our pleasure to take the time to virtually guide you through our inventory and inspiration pages as well as answer any question you might have about our products and services. Alternately, send us an email describing your needs and project at Your time is precious, and we guarantee a quick and satisfactory response whether you reach out to our team by phone or email or simply place your order through our website today and rest assured you can expect a timely and quality delivery of the exact items you purchased.

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