Wood Turning Blanks For Sale

Our High Quality Wood Turning Blanks

You never know what you’re going to get out of a piece of wood until you start working with it. That’s why we believe the foundation of an incredible wood turning project relies on quality, unique wood turning blanks (also referred to as turning blocks). To accomplish this, our detailed, expert woodsmen have hand selected and cut each blank we offer in our shop.

Take your pick from our high demand inventory of specialty wood: Black Walnut, Spalted Maple, and highly marbled Black Walnut. (Of course, we have alternative types available; these are just the most popular.) We specialize in highly figured Blank Walnut & Spalted Marble turning blanks so you never have to second guess the blanks you select. Choose from our inventory of wood turning blanks for your next project!

wood turning blanks
turning wood blanks
cherry wood turning blanks

Our Turning Block Inventory

Our inventory is constantly changing to offer a variety of wood blanks that can be used for projects such as birdcalls, salt shakers, or even table legs. Our shop is organized to fit the niche you are looking for, whether it be turning green wood or highly figured walnut turning blanks. We typically carry wood turning blanks in standard sizes of 2x2, 2.5x2.5, 3x3, 3.5x3.5, and 4x4. However, if these sizes don’t work for you, our custom component hardwoods are sawn to your dimensions; order the perfect size to meet your needs from whole bowls and flitches to guitar neck blanks. If your project requires unique specifications or a bulk order, email us to work out a quote within 24 hours.

Other Types Of Wood Turning Blanks For Sale

. We also offer wood bowl blanks, knife scales, guitar neck blanks, and wood pen blanks.

The Lumber Shack is located in Central Iowa, in the heart of the world famous select Iowa Black Walnut resource. We are the leading supplier of fixed dimension custom component hardwoods, and produce specialty items recognized worldwide in the furniture, building, manufacturing, sporting goods, and musical instrument industries.

If you would like more information on wood turning blanks for sale, please contact us at service@thelumbershack.com.

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