Live Edge Slabs FAQ


Q: How is live edge wood sourced?

All of our logs are local to Iowa; some of the logs come from urban removals where they were taken down for new construction, some from storm damage or any other reason a homeowner might not want that tree in their yard, and others come from sustainable timber management. Most of the wood would have been shredded into free city mulch, but the logs were saved and milled, and are now ready to be used to make something great!

Q: Are wood slabs kiln dried?

Yes. Everything listed on our site has been kiln dried to 6-8% moisture content. We take a lot of pride in drying our slabs to the proper moisture level, and at the right speed to avoid any future issues with the piece.

Q: How do I get the black marker off the live edge of my board?

There are a couple ways to remove the sharpie marker. On most live edge surfaces, a lacquer thinner will work. You can view a video of this method on our Instagram! Otherwise, it can take some very light sanding to remove the marker from the live edge portion of the slab. A lot of the time it is written on dirt, so it can almost be rubbed off. Many of our customers will lightly sand, or even steel wool the live edges to remove the dirt in order for a finish to stick to the live edge, so the removal of the marker would get done during this time. You are still able to preserve the live edge.  On the end cuts, or areas of the slab that have been pre-cut, it does take a little more sanding to remove the marker as it does soak in a little more because of the fresh cut surface. We recommend copying the straight cut that we made and you taking 1/16” off at a time. The sharpie marker should be removed in just a couple passes.

Q: Can I purchase dimensional lumber? What is the cost per board foot of lumber?

We do not have pallets of wood that we sell by the board foot. All of our lumber is listed in packs of 1 to 10 boards and have been listed with similar pieces. These boards are all listed in our Lumber category.

Q: What are your store hours and are you open on the weekends?

We do not have a retail store as our products are stored in a warehouse in the slot number they are assigned to. We do allow customers to pick up and/or come see slabs before purchasing but we ask that you do your “browsing” online, using our search filters that will help you narrow it down based on your specifications. Each product that is listed online has gone through a meticulous listing process so that you have all the information you need on that piece at your fingertips. If you make a list of slabs and email that to us, we can set up an appointment for you to come look at them.

Q: What is reclaimed wood?

To us, “reclaimed” means that the wood was salvaged from being burnt in a wood burner, chipped up, or saved from rotting on a timber floor. Our logs are all local to Iowa. Some come from urban removals for construction, and others come from storm damage, sustainable timber management, or any other reason a home owner may want to remove that tree from their yard. Most of the wood would have been shredded into free city mulch, but the logs were saved and milled in order to be made into something great!

Q: I don't need both slabs, can I just purchase one of them?

Unfortunately, we cannot split up any of the packages. However, we do have slabs that are sold in singles as well. You can narrow your search down by using our search filters that correlate with your dimensions. You may also use our online chat service to speak with a wood expert that can help you find various options while you are browsing.

Q: Can I place a custom order for live edge slabs?

We are continuously updating our inventory with new slabs. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us directly at for help, or to discuss placing a custom order.


Q: How do the slabs come if I don’t select any finishing options?

A majority of our slabs are planed on both sides before they are listed on the site. This helps smooth out some of the marks left from the saw. You would then have some sanding to do before a finish was applied.

Q: How to finish a live edge slab at home?

A majority of our slabs are planed on both sides before they are listed on the site. This helps smooth out some of the marks left from the saw. You would then have some sanding to do before a finish was applied.

Q: What is the difference between planed and flattened?

Most of our slabs are finished planed on both sides. This means the slab was ran through our planer to smooth out the surface of the wood. The main difference is that the planer will not flatten/sand out any of the tapers, bows, cups, or twists that the slab is listed with. You can find these details in the Description section of this listing. The flattening services would remove any tapers, bows, cups, or twists listed with that slab, leaving you with a perfectly level surface on one or both sides of your slab.

Q: How to flatten live edge slabs?

To flatten the slabs, we use a CNC machine that ensures you are getting a perfectly level surface. This is a great option for all kinds of table tops, as you will want a level surface for both the table top, and the bottom when you go to attach legs. To have your slab professionally flattened, just select either the “Flatten One Side Only” or “Flatten Both Sides” finishing option!

Q: Do live edge slabs come in custom sizes?

Absolutely! We have a full shop that can custom cut any of the slabs. If you have any drawings or sketches of your design, you can always send those directly to to discuss your project with one of our wood experts!

Q: Can live edge slabs be cut in half thickness wise?

Unfortunately, we cannot re-saw any of the slabs to make them thinner. Depending on the thickness of the slab, this is usually something we do not recommend doing. Opening up of the slabs can cause them to bow, warp, or twist. The inside of a 2-3" slab is not the same moisture content as the outside even after being kiln dried, so these wood movements are likely to occur.

Q: What epoxy colors are available?

If you are having us do a full finish on your slab, you may also add on epoxy/wood fillers to your order. We use West Systems and TotalBoat epoxy brands, along with Black Diamond Pigments to color the epoxy. This allows us to offer a variety of beautiful colors, as well as black, clear, and brown epoxy.


Q: Can I pickup my order?

Yes, we do offer a Local Pickup option. When you are purchasing the items, select "Local Pickup" as your shipping method. Once your shipping method is selected, you can either place the date and time you want to pick up your order in the comments section or call/email us to arrange the pickup.

Q: What if my live edge slab arrives damaged?

We are so sorry to hear that. Please send us pictures of the board (entire board, not just close up of the crack) and include the packaging in the pictures. We will start a damage case with UPS today, but the pictures will be helpful to turn in once you get them to me. Also be sure to keep all packaging & pieces to the slab for at least 5 business days incase UPS decides to pick it up to inspect.

Q: Can my live edge slab orders be combined for shipping?

Yes, we will combine when you are done shopping. You can just send another email and let us know to start working on the combined shipping when you are ready!

Q: Can live edge slabs be shipped internationally?

We recommend setting up an account with They are a facility where you can have items shipped in from all over the US, and then have them all shipped out to you together. They will give you a Florida shipping address, and that is where we ship your items. They have much better rates than we can get through the Post Office, Fedex or UPS. However, if you find an item that is less than 12" wide and 23" long, we can always ship USPS Priority Mail International, but that is about the only size package we can ship in the flat rate boxes.

Q: How long does it take to ship a raw live edge slab?

If you are ordering a slab without any finishing work, and it’s being shipped via ground services, it is usually shipped within 1-2 business days. Freight shipments usually ship in 1-3 business days.

Q: How long does it take to ship a live edge slab with custom work?

If you added flattening services to your order, and it’s being shipped via ground services, it is usually shipped within 2-3 business days. Freight shipments with flattening services usually ship in 3-4 business days. If you selected the Prepare for Finish or Full Finish options, this can take around 2-3 weeks in the shop before the items are shipped.

Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?

UPS Ground has a standard delivery of 5-7 business days. Your package may arrive quicker than this depending on your distance from our facility. We are located in North Central Iowa, so locations in the Midwest may receive shipments sooner. Freight shipment ETA’s vary depending on the carrier and location, but are usually delivered in 3-5 business days.

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