Tree Slices/Oval Cut Lumber and Circle Cut Lumber

Looking for oval cut lumber or circle cut tree slices? The sky is the limit when you shop our online inventory of uniquely sliced slabs here at the Lumber Shack. They can be used to create the charcuterie board, plaque, clock, centerpiece, or wall art you have had in mind. We have solid wood circular cuts as well as spalted ones; don’t know the difference? Check out the tree slices/circle cut page on our website and look through some of the different cuts that are featured there. You’ll notice in our photo gallery of finished circular shaped wood decor or furniture, that there is something very satisfying to the eye about the circle shape, so many of our customers prefer these cuts. We also have a separate section of our online store to show you the distinctive oval cut wood slabs and slices that we currently have in stock. Oval cut designs have a uniquely stunning effect on a room and tend to be statement pieces that draw the eye and transform the design of your space.

Need more inspiration to help guide your selection and design? No problem, we have a gallery of stunning, durable cutting boards you can peruse as well as a photo gallery of wall art. You will fall in love with these designs and with the possibilities to create the custom work that you or your business needs. If you think we won’t have exciting design options on our galleries that really stand out, then you clearly haven’t found the wall art with glow in the dark resin!

Oval cut lumber Walnut Tree Slices

Oval Cut Lumber

Lumber that is cut into a circular or oval shape provides a world of opportunity for design including decorative as well as functional pieces. When the tree is sliced in that way, its beautiful rings of wisdom are forever memorialized in the custom piece furniture or decor that you will transform it into.

If you want to design and create your piece out of solid wood circular or oval cut lumber, our products are perfect for you. It’s easy to create your own crafted item out of our circle and oval cut tree slices, in fact we can even help point you to other “how to” resources if that’s your goal. On the other hand, if you want us to help you design, create and finish your solid wood items then we are the perfect team to get the job done for you.

Are you worried about having your products delivered within a certain time frame? The Lumber Shack has you covered; with our 13 years of experience doing what we do best, we have created a delivery system that is incredibly fast and efficient. However, don’t imagine that we ship with speed at the cost of quality. Our inventory is numbered and highly organized so we can quickly locate the exact piece you ordered, not a similar cut that’s slightly different from the pictures and ship it to your door in prime condition with no surprises.

We’ve also designed our website with you as the customer, shopping virtually in mind. On the left side of our website you can apply filters as you shop our merchandise to help you save time and find exactly what you need. You can filter by measurements, by wood type, price and characteristics.

round cut collage trees oval cut lumber
circle cut lumber maple rounds

Circle Cut Lumber & Tree Slices

As a family owned and operated business, The Lumber Shack is proud to share our passion for quality wood cuts and designs with our customers. The custom wall art you order is not just a decoration for your wall, it’s a unique piece of art that means something to you and is also a little raw, beautifully natural and superbly unique. The Live Edge wood table you order from The Lumber Shack isn’t just a table, it’s the gathering place for your family; the conduit of family chatter, laughter and meals shared together. You deserve the best quality wood cuts that will be personalized and functional. What you see on our website is exactly what you get down to the tiniest scratch and unique distinction!

Order your circle cuts in bulk or individual pieces; not sure the best way to order for your specific needs? Call us at 515-832-8733 or email our team at and we’ll be happy to help you order exactly what you want.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to shop virtually at The Lumber Shack, we would ask you whether you like shopping online at Amazon? Like Amazon, we are able to offer customer prices that other competitors out there just can’t beat, with a straightforward, affordable and convenient process for order placement and delivery. However, The Lumber Shack difference is that our products are not factory produced or made in bulk on machinery; also, when you shop virtually at The Lumber Shack you are buying from only one seller instead of working with an endless selection of sellers who may or may not be trusted to deliver what you need. At The Lumber Shack, our family’s reputation speaks for itself combined with years of successful wood slab crafting and delivery to our satisfied clients.

Tree Slices and oval cut lumber for Round Wall Art

Our individually oval cut or carved pieces come from wood farmed locally; we are proud to do what we can to support sustainable lumber practices including using salvaged or reclaimed wood.

Cutting circles and ovals from logs is not an easy process; it requires a good eye and very careful placement of the log onto the saw. At The Lumber Shack our trained master craftsmen are experienced in properly placing the logs on the saw to create not only precisely measured circular and oval pieces but also to create pieces that are unique and maintain the integrity of the individual tree that they came from.

How do we have time to personally select the most charming and beautiful tree logs in an environmentally conscious way and then cut perfect but individual circle and oval slices to be used in any design that you dream up? And also ship it to you in a quick, convenient and affordable process? Call us crazy, but we love what we do! At the Lumber Shack we take pride in our work and we love sharing in the magical process of custom, natural solid wood furniture creation with those who also appreciate and value enchanting wood carpentry.

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