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Five star review for live edge wood product ordered from the lumber shack

Hands down, the most incredible overall experience!

We'd been looking for a live-edge slab of wood to have as a coffee-bar under our window near the kitchen to look out at our gorgeous view of TN mountains. However, our budget didn't extend much beyond ~$300. Enter Lumber Shack to the rescue!! We got exactly what we wanted/needed for an amazing price!! I couldn't be happier with this purchase. If we ever need another piece of lumber, I know where I'm going, and I'm telling anyone who asks (or doesn't ;) to go here, too!! Thanks, Lumber Shack!!

 - Haley Overby

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Born of hard work and dedication to excellence, our experienced team of professionals pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations every time. 

Whether you are an individual working on creating a family heirloom from a live edge slab and want it to come from the best possible locally sourced custom wood, or you are a commercial company needing a bulk order of the highest quality live edge tables, our team has the kiln dried and heat sterilized inventory that you need.

The selection of live edge slabs that we have to offer is professionally milled onsite and second to none. We provide the best cuts of black walnut, spalted maple, hackberry, ash, oak, hickory and so much more.

The Lumber Shack is located in Central Iowa, and the wood we provide has all been grown in our area. We place a high priority on sustainable timber management practices by utilizing salvaged wood and logs from local urban renewal and residential take down projects.

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Live Edge Wood Dining Table
Live Edge Wood Fireplace Mantel
Live Edge Wood River Table

Time tested quality assurance process

Our slabs are closely scrutinized to be sure there are no discrepancies between the slab itself and the information provided in our virtual listings. Our goal is to take the guess work out of buying live edge slabs online by providing accurate information on each item in our online inventory.

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Masterfully cut live edge wood slabs

Our experts at The Lumber Shack take great care in creating each of our masterfully cut live edge slabs. We assess each log for natural barriers within the tree itself, such as cracks or limbs, so we are able to make strategic cuts and bring out the most character in every slab. The end result of this process is the uniquely beautiful live edge slabs for your custom project. 

Specialty showroom quality delivered to your door

We have the years of experience that are required to not only create but also to store and ship every beautiful live edge slab in pristine condition. Each item purchased undergoes a detailed inspection process to ensure everything is in line with the original listing. If there are discrepancies found, our customer service team will consult with you prior to it being shipped. These steps ensure that you will never receive a live edge slab in any condition different than what you viewed online.

Wood Care Information

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What you see is what you get

You are not buying a random slab from a stockpile of cut wood. You are purchasing the exact piece that is numbered and carefully cataloged for optimal storage and delivery purposes. Therefore, you can shop from the comfort of your home for any live edge slab that catches your eye.

Our inventory images are exactly what you get. You will notice that the slab delivered to you will be exactly as described in the item listing.

There is no reason for you to leave the comfort of your home with our up-to-date virtual showroom full of thousands of premium live edge wood ready for you to browse.

We work to provide you with meticulous digital documentation on the exact live edge slab you are preparing to purchase. This means that we take the time to photograph each board in detail, to make it as if you are holding that piece of wood in your hands. If there is a crack, inclusion, void, etc. you will find it described in the individual item description on each live edge slab in our online inventory.

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Raw live edge wood slabs or turn-key finished products

If you have limited experience working with live edge slabs, we also provide turn-key services for you with a simple click of the mouse. This means that you can not only order the exact live edge slab you want, but you can also hire us to finish the piece for you. Whether it’s a custom table top, bar-top, live edge dining tables, live edge mantel, vanity or coffee table, we can provide the expert finishing details you are searching for, all at an economical price it.

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Professional Finishing Options:

We offer several professional finishing options including:

Join & Glue-Up of Live Edge Wood Slabs

Joint & Glue-up of Slabs

Flattening the top and bottom of the live edge wood slab.

Flattening the top and bottom of the slab for you, Includes Joint & Glue-up if applicable.

Flattenting the top and bottom of the live edge wood slab after jointing and gluing wood slabs together.

Flattening the top and the bottom of the slab for you, after jointing and gluing the edge wood slabs together.

Professional Grade Sanding & Application of Commercial Grade Satin Lacquer or Rubio Monocoat Oil Finish to Live Edge Wood Table Top

Professional Grade Sanding & Application of Commercial Grade Satin Lacquer or Rubio Monocoat Oil Finish

Expoxy filler on Live Edge Wood table top

Epoxy and wood fillers are available depending on finishing level selected. Pricing is slab dependent and can be quoted upon request.

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We prioritize the use of urban renewals and other sustainable timber management practices.

Our team at The Lumber Shack selects the wood we use for live edge slabs with the environment in mind. We prioritize the use of urban renewals and other sustainable timber management practices. This allows us to take our environmental responsibilities seriously while offering you the most economical value on kiln-dried, heat sterilized boards that are designed to be stable and long-lasting.

We take the time to conscientiously pack the exact live edge slab you order so that you receive it in the prime condition you selected. With the our years of experience and our dedication to customer satisfaction, we have worked hard to become efficient and effective with the packing process and shipping materials used.

Our commitment to efficiency encompasses our entire mission. We cross-train our employees in order to optimize the process for our customers. Our customers are consistently impressed with how well we deliver exactly what they are expecting, on time and in perfect shape. Accuracy is king when it comes to customer service and we make it a point to keep our quality assurance levels high so that you will always be pleased with the live edge slabs that you receive.

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Rising above the competition

We understand that you have a choice when it comes to who you go to for your live edge slab needs which is why we strive to rise above the competition in all that we do. We have many wood specialty services that we offer including joining two live edge slabs together for wood table tops that are up to 170 inches long for our commercial customers. We take care of these joints with the highest level of professionalism ensuring that not even a paper could fit into the joint. That’s right, we complete that job with essentially zero gap. That’s just one more reason to choose The Lumber Shack for all of your commercial live edge slab needs.

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Live Edge Wood Coffee Table

Live Edge Coffee Tables

A well designed and well-placed live ede slab coffee table will transform any room from ordinary to extraordinary. It's more than just a place to kick up your feet or place your favorite beverage. A hand-crafted live edge coffee table is a conversation piece that has the potential to be a family heirloom piece to be enjoyed for generations to come.

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Live Edge Wood Dining Table

Dining Tables

If you are searching for that custom look for an original dining room table, the best place to start is with one of our live edge slabs. Whether you select Black Walnut, Spalted Maple or Oak, it is easy to create a live edge table that will be suitable for any size gathering. Whether you have a family of 3 or 23, we have the right size live edge slab for you.

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Live Edge Wood Light Pendant Wall Art

Wall Art

When you walk into a room that has a unique piece of artwork it makes a lasting impression. Our Live Edge slabs have inspired an incredible amount of creativity when it comes to original wall art designs! If you are looking for the perfect artistic statement to round out the wall space you have in your office or front entryway, lend a creative eye to our Live Edge wood and see what you can imagine.

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Live Edge Wood Cutting Board

Cutting Boards

Have a friend who recently purchased a home and you are in search of the perfect house warming gift? Our Live Edge slab thick cut Black Walnut or Maple rounds can create the ultimate cutting board that would be a great addition to any kitchen. Or maybe you are ready to create one for yourself? Live Edge slabs are available in unique shapes and sizes that will be the perfect foundation for a cutting board that will last a lifetime.

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Live Edge Wood Vanity


Are you getting ready to remodel your bathroom and you are in search of a vanity that is unlike any other? Consider a beautiful Live Edge slab as the stunning centerpiece for the heart of your bathroom. You can create a vanity from any kind of wood, and it will be long lasting, water resistant, and provide a certain kind of character to the room. When you are tired of seeing showrooms with the same kind of vanities over and over again, come to The Lumber Shack and select a Live Edge slab to create something completely original.

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Live Edge Wood Bench


When you want to sit and enjoy the garden or relax out on the front porch to take in the scenery, a custom-made bench is exactly what you need. Our Live Edge slabs are perfect for creating an inviting sitting space right out in nature or anywhere inside your home. Scrap the idea of buying a poorly manufactured bench that is sure to fall apart and be more of an eye-sore than an addition to your landscape and create something that will last. Our Live Edge wood is created for stability, durability and beauty. Use it to create a bench with a rustic look that you can be proud of.

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Live Edge Wood Bar Top

Live Edge Bar Tops

Have a man cave with a private bar that you want to finish off with the natural look of a Live Edge slab? Or are you looking to put in a kitchen bar for more seating to feed a small army? Either way, The Lumber Shack has the top-notch pieces you need for the right live edge bar top. Our Live Edge slabs are sure to make quite an impression while you are entertaining guests and serving your family. There is nothing quite like the natural character you will find in our strategically cut Live Edge slabs.

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Live Edge Wood Island Countertop

Island Countertops

If you have a little nook in your home and you want to make the space more functional, consider creating a personalized countertop from one of our Live Edge slabs. Not only will you create a beautiful piece of hand-crafted woodwork for your countertop, but you will also enjoy an increase in usable space in your home. Check out our inventory today for the best Live Edge slab selection in the market.

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Live Edge Wood Sofa Table

Sofa Tables

Interior designers are often on the lookout for accent pieces that will bring the look and feel of a room together. Why not create your own accent piece with a sofa table created from one of our premium Live Edge slabs? There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to the creativity of the design for any sofa table you wish to create. Consult with our team of experts and we can help you decide which type of wood would work best for the look and feel of the room you are completing.

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Dresser made from Live Edge Wood


If you are tired of needing to constantly replace cheaply made dressers because your kids break the drawers, now is the time to remedy the problem. Our Live Edge slabs are perfectly suited to create durable, long lasting furniture such as dressers which are heavily used on a daily basis. Take a look at the wide variety of the wood selection we have to choose from to build a dresser that will likely last a lifetime.

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Headboard made from live edge wood

Headboards & Footboards

You finally invested in a new mattress and now you need just the right headboard and footboard to frame it with style. The Lumber Shack offers the best selection of Live Edge slabs when it comes to matching your bedroom décor. Why not create something that is unique and that will last for generations to come?

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Live Edge Wood End Table

End Tables

Although they may be small and somewhat practical pieces, well-made end tables will offer just the right finishing touch to any room. We have the right size of Live Edge slabs for you to get the exact thickness and character for the end table you wish to create. Whether it’s for holding up a lamp or creating space for you to keep your remote control, favorite beverage or latest novel, an end table should be built for both form and function.

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Live Edge Wood Taxidermy Mount

Taxidermy Mounts

Are you proud of that huge Elk you were able to snag during the last Elk hunting season? Or maybe you were able to capture a large, colorful fish that you want to add to your trophy wall? Creating a complementary wood mounting piece for your taxidermy projects will allow you to showcase them with pride. Our Live Edge slabs make the perfect backdrop for any of your taxidermy mounts.

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Live Edge Wood River Table

River Tables

Create an awe-inspiring masterpiece by turning our premium Live Edge slabs into a river table. Live edge river tables draw all kinds of attention from anyone who walks into the room. The beautifully inspired integration of wood and glass along with color or rocks helps you feel close to nature. Check out the varying types of designs you can get by starting with a Live Edge slab made from Black Walnut, Maple or any other wood that we have in our inventory.

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Live Edge Wood Desk


What better way to motivate yourself than a work space that has a desk you actually want to sit at! A live edge desk top is the perfect way to add some excitement and interest into your office. Our live edge slabs come in many different wood types and sizes to ensure we have something that perfectly suits your space and style!

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