Caring for Solid Wood Furniture

Cleaning your Solid Wood Furniture

Satin Lacquer Finish Care - For the best cleaning results, one should use a damp cloth and mild soap if needed. Do not move damp cloth in circles or against the grain – this may cause scratching on the surface. Never use silicone or wax-based products to ‘polish’ the furniture. This will cause a cloudy buildup and damage the satin lacquer finish.

Rubio Monocoat Finish Care - For the best cleaning results, use one of Rubio Monocoat's specially designed cleaning products. These options are designed to effectively clean without damaging the natural, matte finish and can also be used to Refresh the surface without fully refinishing. These products and additional care information are available on Rubio Monocoat's website.  

Ideal Environment for Solid Wood Furniture

Temperature/Humidity: Furniture must be kept in controlled conditions with an optimal environment temperature ranging from 70 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit with roughly 30-50% relative humidity. If the product is exposed to extreme changes in temperature the following could/will occur – materials may contract and expand which will cause materials to “move.” This may cause checking/cracking and/or warping. None of the above conditions would be considered manufacturing defects as wood is a natural, breathing element that responds to its environment. 

UV Exposure: Furniture should be protected from direct sunlight. Direct UV exposure will cause sun-fading or bleaching after prolonged exposure. Over time, there is a natural aging process and the finished surface will undergo natural color changes.

Storage: When storing a finished or unfinished piece of wood, it is important it has adequate support to stay flat and there is good air flow to all sides of the piece. If left inside the packaging or placed with one side on a blanket or other smothering surface for an extended period of time, it is very likely the slab will move resulting in bow, cup, twist, and/or cracking.

The Lumber Shack Warranty Information

Due Diligence

All of The Lumber Shack furniture pieces are constructed from solid wood slabs and planks that have been professionally dried to 6-8% moisture content prior to any build. 


All of the above are guidelines to protect the longevity of your solid wood furniture. If not properly followed, they can lead to minor or major damages to the product which is not covered by The Lumber Shack.

The Lumber Shack, at its discretion, will provide refinishing or product replacement if deemed warranted. The Lumber Shack assumes no responsibility for product damages resulting from installation or user modification, such as refinishing, hardware installation, or other modifications.

We do not warrant any movement, shifting, or the separation of solid wood planks after acclimation, as solid wood is a natural material and is affected by its environment. Though our team goes to great lengths to ensure high quality products, we cannot predict or prevent natural movement, cracking, checking, separation, etc. in this natural material.

Items Not Covered by The Lumber Shack

The Lumber Shack is not accountable or responsible for the following changes in our wood slab/plank furniture.
- Minor wood warping.
- Surface cracks/checks
- Deflection of epoxy resin fills above or below the surrounding wood level by up to 1/16".
- Stumps or slabs thicker than 3". Even though these are kiln dried and stored in a secure environment, there are often traces of moisture left in the center of the wood. When this moisture eventually leaves, the wood shrinkage will cause further cracking, and since cracks in this type of piece are expected they are not considered a defect.
- Damage caused by abuse or misuse of the furniture piece.
- Any wood components used outside or subjected to abnormal humidity, extreme temperature swings, or prolonged exposure to moisture.
- Shipping damage, unless it is a packaging problem.
- Work done or damaged caused by a 3rd party. 

Reporting a Problem

If you need to report a problem or need service advice, please follow this procedure to help us understand the nature of your problem:

Provide photos to illustrate the nature and size of your problem.
- Place a quarter or tape measure next to each problem area as a size reference.
- Take a photo that shows the entire furniture surface, and indicates where the defect is.
- Take a close-up photo of each problem area (showing the quarter/tape measure in each close-up).
Email photos to along with an explanation of the problems. After this information is received, our team will review and reach out with resolution options.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding warranty or care of your solid wood furniture piece, our team is happy to help! We are available via phone, email, social media, or live chat on our website.