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Solid Wood Table Tops and Custom Live Edge Tables

At the Lumber Shack, we take pride in offering quality, solid wood table tops and custom live edge tables made from local and sustainably selected wood. No matter what part of the country you live in, we guarantee that a great shopping experience will be our priority and that you’ll not only find the best products on the market in our inventory, but you’ll love the way we provide the services you need when you need them so you can stay on schedule with your personal or professional custom solid wood table top project.

What our customers love about our solid wood live edge table tops is the freedom to customize your design and dimensions. We carve our products with finesse and precision but mostly with heart, and it shows in our beautiful live edge table pieces.

We have 13 years of experience crafting beautiful wood table slabs in a way that preserves the character of the wood. Each tree is unique with its own story to tell and we believe that your custom solid wood table top should also be beautiful and one of a kind. Our solid wood products are all kiln dried so that the moisture level in our wood slabs is exactly right for the most beautiful and long-lasting table top. We also heat sterilize our custom solid wood table tops to ensure the table you’re designing is safe and ready to become a stunning piece in your home or in your customer’s home.

Custom Solid Wood Table Tops in Maple

What is a Live Edge? Also known as a flitch, at The Lumber Shack we cut a log into two inch thick slabs; the flitch is the cut itself which we leave in its raw and natural shape to create a look that has become highly sought after in the world of custom wood furnishings.

Why choose a Custom Live Edge Table? If you haven’t looked through our collection of live edge solid wood custom table tops, then you’ve yet to see the magic of a wood table that displays a small part of the soul of the tree it came from. These pieces are stunning; they make great, natural feeling focal pieces and they fit with any style of decor.

At The Lumber Shack you can select one (or more) of our quality solid wood table tops and transform it yourself into a stunning coffee, end or dining table; or, you can sit back and relax while we finish the piece for you. Our inventory is carefully catalogued so that when you select your solid wood table top online, we’ll ship you that exact piece directly to you in premium condition.

As you shop our online catalogue, you can select from our stock of multiple different types of wood and choose the one that suits your vision for your custom table creations. Some of the many types of wood we offer for your custom live edge tables include Ash, Cedar, Cottonwood, Elk, Birch, Spalted Maple, Hickory, Oak, Hackberry and Black Walnut. Although we can create beautiful cuts of slab from any of the above, we have found a special niche in working with walnut as well as curly spalted maple to create custom Live Edge tables with an especially breathtaking result

Round Live Edge Solid Wood Table Tops
Round Walnut Solid Wood Table Tops

Here are some of the services we can provide for your custom live edge table if you so desire:

•Jointing and Gluing the solid wood table tops you select.
•Flattening the top edge of the slab for you, after jointing and gluing the slabs together.
•Flattening the top and the bottom of the slab for you, after jointing and gluing the slabs together.
Jointing and flattening your slabs plus sanding up to a 2,000 grit. After we sand it down for you, all you’ll need to do is apply the finish of your choosing.
•Or, we can joint, flatten, sand and finish your slabs with a beautiful Satin Finishing Lacquer Another option includes all of the steps above and the professional application of a Satin Finishing Lacquer. Our finishing process includes a nice smooth finish on the top while the bottom is only gently sanded.
•Epoxy and wood fillers can also be applied, and prices will vary depending upon the particular table top you select.

Not only do we carry wood slabs of varying colors that are stunning to look at, but you can also choose the custom size that you want. As you shop our products online you can select a particular slab and you’ll find a detailed description including the exact measurements.

At The Lumber Shack, we’ve honed our craft over many years so that we can offer you not only the best quality for custom wood furniture pieces, whether bulk or individual, but we also offer a simple, efficient ordering process that you can trust. Our photos are exact and trusted by our long-time clients who know that the wood piece they are viewing online is a perfect representation of the actual piece that will be delivered to them. We offer free shipping on orders over $95 and we’re happy to do whatever we can to make the shopping and ordering process as simple and convenient as possible for all of our customers. That’s why you can also call or email us directly to ask questions or make a custom solid wood table tops order that will fit all of your needs.

Black Walnut Bar live edge Table Tops

Need inspiration? Check out our photo gallery of designer solid wood dining tables; if you see something you like and want to know more about how to translate that into your project, fill out our Custom Table Quote Form, call us at 515-832-8733, or email our team at You can also browse our photo galleries of coffee tables, sofa tables, river tables and end tables. If you didn’t already have a clear picture of what you want your custom live edge table top to look like, you’ll surely find something you like in our galleries of already finished products.

The Lumber Shack is based in Iowa, but we ship our products all across the nation; we provide the best, most client friendly virtual shopping experience you can find along with a beautiful array of custom live edge, solid wood table top options for your project or commercial purposes. Not only does our company offer all of this and more, but we are also conscious of the environment and where possible we use salvaged wood and we harvest wood of the finest quality from trees grown locally, here in Iowa.

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