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Live Edge Wood River Table Slabs

Taking the interior design world by storm is the gorgeous and unique River Table. First made popular by furniture maker, Greg Klassen, the River Table is inspired by natural landscapes and topography. The name of the piece comes from the idea that it looks as though a river is flowing through two natural pieces of wood that resemble river banks. These tables are commonly used indoors and constructed from natural wood, typically live edge slabs, and either glass or resin running through the middle, connecting the two slabs of wood. Each River Table is unique and portrays a different story about the beauty in nature. If you’re looking for the perfect statement piece for your home, a River Table is an excellent choice. These handmade, custom tables add an element of class and beauty that can’t be matched. At The Lumber Shack, we are a major supplier of kiln dried and heat sterilized Live Edge slabs and book matched pieces that are ready for you to select in order to create the River Table you have been dreaming of.

Black Walnut River Table
Black River Table

Live Edge Wood and River Table Inventory

If you have the creative desire and the time to design and create your own custom River Table, you can start by browsing our vast online inventory of River Table Top Wood Slabs and Sets. We carry an expansive variety of wood and unique slabs for you to make the perfect one-of-a-kind piece. Our current inventory stocks a wide range of different wood species including:
•Cedar and many others
For your convenience, we also stock a wide variety of sizes and widths to suit your project needs. Additionally, with our large inventory, we have a good range of price points to accommodate a range of budgets. Each of our River Table top sets is truly unique with different shapes and characteristics that will end up as a unique and beautiful creation.

Common Uses for River Tables

River Tables can be made in any style, shape or size you wish. Common uses for River Tables are dining tables, coffee tables, and even conference tables for a luxury office feel. Epoxy resin is a popular choice for DIY River Table projects. The contrast of the hardwood and the glossy resin creates a beautiful effect. These striking pieces are great for both casual and formal settings and will fit in many different layouts. A resin River Table can bring a fresh perspective to any room. Making River Tables is truly a form of art.

Colorful River Table

Make Your Own Glass River Table

You can make your own river table at home as long as you have the right tools. Combine one of our River Table top sets with tools such as a miter saw, sander, router, and joiner. You can browse our online inventory and select the live edge slabs that you desire for your piece. Our inventory is updated as quickly as we sell an item, so you should never worry that the pieces you want to purchase are sold out.

Step One: The first step in making your own River Table is to flatten your Live Edge slab and cut in half. If you have purchased one of our convenient River Table top sets this work is already done for you. If you are purchasing one large slab, you will need to take this step using a circular saw. Take the two halves and flatten them with a planer or router jig. Next, you will need to square the ends on at the miter saw.

Step Two: This step requires making a template for your glass resin piece. An effective method for doing this is to use a piece of cardboard to outline the shape you want to create. You can cut out the pattern using a razor knife and match up the edges of your slab. You can also elect to have your glass piece cut by a local company if you are unable to do it yourself. However, it can be costly if you make a mistake while attempting to cut your glass. You might save yourself money by having it done professionally. All the edges of the class should be sanded down. A pretty blue-plate glass would make for a gorgeous stream on your River Table.

Step Three: After you have your glass piece cut it’s now time to route the inside area of your slabs where you will place the glass. You’ll want to make sure your slab pieces and glass are clamped down while you route out the live edge slabs using your glass as the template. Your router should be right up against your glass piece to match with the edge exactly. You’ll need to cut your inset on both sides and remove any excess wood. You can freehand this part but be careful to stay away from the line. Your glass should fit in perfectly. You can use sandpaper and a card scraper to clean off any marks.

Step Four: Remove any loose bark from your Live Edge slab. You can shape your edge using a chisel and refine with a sander. Your glass should be flush with the wood.

Step Five: Sand your slab completely, eliminating any marks from tools. A drum sander does an expert job.

Step Six: Next you will fill in any holes or cracks in the wood with epoxy resin. This creates a clear filling.

Now it’s time to make your table legs. These next steps will be determined by the type of table you want to create and the size you want. You’ll use additional lumber to make your legs the correct size, sand them and assemble them using the joinery of your choice. These steps are similar to what you would do when creating any other table. Finally, you will sand and finish your table. Minwax Wipe-On Poly is a popular finish that many table markers choose. It is easy to apply and can be done with a cotton rag. This finish will need to dry for a couple of hours before the step is repeated. When all your pieces have been finished and dried, you can assemble your table.

Wherever you choose to display your handcrafted River Table, it will shine like the work of art it is. Take a look at The Lumber Shack’s unique inventory of Live Edge slabs to choose the pieces that appeal most to you and get started making your River Table today.

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