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See our Inventory in stock for quality maple wood slabs and hand-crafted Live edge furniture for sale.

The Black Walnut trees in Iowa are exceptional and are known for their dark chocolate color for the heartwood.  The cold temperatures and plentiful rain produce outstanding lumber with beautiful colors.  This type of lumber is often used for furniture and turning wood to make pens, bowls, and prized gunstocks.

Live Edge Lumber, Custom Cut Wood, Furniture and more in many different sizes, types, and cuts.

Our sawyers (men who saw wood) specialize in custom cuts of Black Walnut Live Edge Lumber.  The cuts they provide are beautiful and if you can’t find a live edge slab that you are looking for please reach out so we can cut something custom for you.  When they cut the wood, it creates two similar pieces that fit together nicely but no two cuts are exactly the same.  We can always do custom cuts for your specific needs. We also have new cuts coming out each week as well.

We kiln dry most of our lumber down to a 6-8% humidity level which put them in a good state to be worked as soon as you receive the lumber.  We don’t grade our lumber due to the unique cuts and character of each piece of wood.  We do provide select lumber at a competitive price. 

The Lumber Shack
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The Lumber Shack offers a large selection of Lumber For Sale.  This lumber is hand-selected, detailed on our website with detailed descriptions and pictures of each piece and priced accordingly.  These custom Live Edge Wood pieces are ready for purchase and can be shipped directly to your door.  We have created this new website to help a complicated process nice and easy for you and provide a good website experience for your orders.

Looking for something specific or custom?  Please use the filters on the website to see if we have something ready for you immediately.  These filters are to the left of each search page and provide a way to search for not only wood types, but also the thickness, length, width, and even price in case you are working within a tight budget.

You are welcome to check back often to see our newly posted inventory.  If you are interested in Live Edge Lumber Slabs that are 1 ½” to 2” thick, 24” wide and 60” long, you would simply go to the top and click on the “Live/Natural Edge Slabs” tab at the top then click “All Live Edge Slabs”.  Once you go there you can use the filters at the left to narrow down your search to the type of wood you are searching for, the width, length, thickness, and even price.  Keep in mind that even if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, you may find something close so play with the filters to see different slabs that may be close enough for the project you are working on.  We have a huge variety of pieces and are most likely able to provide you with something you will be very happy with.

If you need a slab with very specific dimensions for your project, just reach out and we are happy to cut something specific to your requirements.    

The Lumber Shack has thousands of feet of logs in stock that we have not sawn. So, if you are looking for something specific, we can probably find just the right log for your cut and get this to you right away.  In addition to this, we have hundreds of pieces that have not been cataloged and placed on the website yet that may fit your needs as well.  If we can provide it, we will cut it for you!  If you have any questions, please feel comfortable calling us, we love to speak with people about their projects and the cuts they need.  You can also email us if you prefer.  This gives us a little extra time to check our inventory (or our sawyers) and reply back to your email with detailed descriptions of what we may have in stock.

We understand that email is not the most reliable form of communication and it’s not always the best way to communicate, but it does help us provide you with a written description of the pieces of live edge slab that you might be seeking.

Because we’re constantly running around the yard, if you call you may be sent to voicemail, but rest assured we will return your call as soon as we’re back from the warehouse so please make sure to leave us a message.  We try and respond to both email and voicemail as soon as we possibly can.  Just make sure you provide as many details about dimensions, quantity, shapes, and characteristics, as well as anything else you can think of that, may help us find what you are looking for. 

Live Edge Wood Slabs Ready For Shipping

The Lumber Shack is able to ship any size or weight of wood.  We send this using UPS Ground to help with this.  We prefer packages under 100 pounds due to the handling by the UPS delivery workers but can send as much as 150 pounds if needed.  We will sometimes ship using USPS as well when it makes sense.  Anything over 150 pounds will either get split into two packages and shipped separately or shipped by freight.  Our freight service quotes over 30 freight carriers for the best price.  If you prefer a different way to ship, just let us know and we’re happy to use whoever you like.

Lumber Ready to Ship

 If you are purchasing multiple items (more than one), you can email us with the item numbers to provide you with the shipping price.  Because of the unique sizes and shapes of each live edge slab, it is often difficult for this to be done automatically through the website.  With multiple pieces, we can combine the shipping quotes to provide the best possible shipping rates.

You will sometimes see that we do not have a shipping price due to the weight of the piece.  If you see this and would like this slab, just send us a quick email and we will get you the shipping price.  All prices are based on your zip code.

 We offer quantity discounts as well, so please email us with any large orders for special pricing.