Taxidermy Mount Slabs

Live Edge Lumber is often the first choice for furniture, including bar and counter tops, headboards, tables, and fireplace mantles because of its beautiful distinctive forms and atypical shapes. The rawness of live edge lumber creates a natural integration as a mount for trophy animals. If you desire to showcase your trophy animal in the best advantage picking out a live edge slab will be the best choice as a mount. When mounting your trophy animal, do not dismiss the importance of the mount itself!
A live edge slab is natural looking and is going to improve the overall effect of your mount tremendously. You want to have a mount that as equal in showmanship as your trophy animal. Don't dishonor your catch by getting a cheap mount! You cannot go wrong with a quality, raw, beautiful live edge slab.

Proudly Display Your Hunting Trophy with a Live Edge, Black Walnut, or Spalted Maple Slab Mount.
Live Edge Taxidermy Slabs are PERFECT for that "CATCH OF A LIFETIME"! Great for many mounting purposes such as deer, turkey, fish, and so many more uses!

What is a Live Edge Slab Taxidermy Mount?

A live edge slab mount is the natural edge of the lumber or slab under the bark. What makes it so beautiful and unique is that the cut and prints from the tree can never be duplicated exactly the same, meaning each live edge slab is one of kind. Think of it as everyone's thumbprint, unique, different, and one of a kind. A partial live edge is a combination of straight and natural edges. Live edge slabs are very real and its raw texture is quite stunning. Some of the most eye-catching mounts are created from Black Walnut slabs and Spalted Maple lumber, which are exceptional options for mounts. Hunters are proud of their hunts and want to look at the mounted animal with pride. This is why you want to hire a taxidermist who is experienced as well as a true artist. Don't give your trophy animal the short-shift by not paying attention to the mount!

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