Common Questions

Q: Are these pictures of the actual slab(s) I will receive, or just one similar?
The pictures you see with this listing are pictures of the exact slab you will receive. Each item is listed as a one of a kind product that can only be sold once. See the “Description” tab for more details regarding this item.

Q: I don't need both (or all) slabs, can I just purchase one of them?
Unfortunately, we cannot split up any of the packages. However, we do have slabs that are sold in singles as well. You can narrow your search down by using our search filters that correlate with your dimensions. You may also use our online chat service to speak with a wood expert while that can help you find various options while you are browsing.

Q:  How do the slabs come if I don’t select any finishing options?
A majority of our slabs are planed on both sides before they are listed on the site. This helps smooth out some of the marks left from the saw. You would then have some sanding to do before a finish was applied.

Q:  Can you guys custom cut this slab to my dimensions?
Absolutely! We have a full shop that can custom cut any of the slabs. If you have any drawings or sketches of your design, you can always send those directly to to discuss your project with one of our wood experts!

Q:  I see I can add epoxy to my order. What do you offer, and how do I specify want I want?
We do offer epoxy fill services on any slab that is being fully finished by us. This is a popular choice for river table slabs, or any slabs that may have some larger voids or cracks. We use TotalBoat and West Systems epoxy, and have many different colors and shades in blue, gold, copper, black, white, red, purple, and many more! If you would like to add this to your order, please add a note in the notes section when you go to checkout. From there, someone from our team will contact you with a quote and to discuss your design details.

Q:  Does “live edge” mean there is still bark on the slab?
The term live edge does not necessarily mean that the slab still has bark on the edges. Often times, the bark has fallen off, and the live edge refers to the surface just below the bark. This has a smoother texture than bark, but still has a very natural look. If the bark is still intact, this will be listed in the Product Features section of the listing.

 Q:  It says the slab has been planed on both sides. How is that different from flattening?
Most of our slabs are finished planed on both sides. This means the slab was ran through our planer to smooth out the surface of the wood. The main difference is that the planer will not flatten/sand out any of the tapers, bows, cups, or twists that the slab is listed with. You can find these details in the Description section of this listing. The flattening services would remove any tapers, bows, cups, or twists listed with that slab, leaving you with a perfectly level surface on one or both sides of your slab.

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