Circle Cut Slabs

Circle Cut Tree Cookies, Discs and Slices

Wood Circles, Discs, and Rounds

Our tree slices and wooden circles are perfect for your next DIY project. These wood discs come in all sorts of thicknesses, some 3/4" of an inch thick and some 2 1/2" thick. We even have a few that are almost 5" thick! Take your pick in available tree species like Black Walnut, Spalted Ambrosia Maple, & Red Flame Box Elder. Each disc is extremely unique with rustic colors. Some of the Box Elder slabs have not only red, but greens and blues as well!

The majority of our slabs are live edge, meaning they are outlined with the natural edge beneath the bark, instead of the straight edge you'd find on most lumber pieces. Most, if not all, also have the bark still intact. If you purchase any of our wood rounds and want to safeguard yourself from the potential to lose bark in the shipping process, let us know! We'd be more than happy to send some extra bark in your package, as we have plenty laying around.

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What Can You Use Tree Slices For?


Our attention to detail combined with the discs' rustic appeal makes them excellent material for a variety of projects. Our customers have used wood circles as centerpiece platters, clock face plates, cutting boards, candle holders, taxidermy mounts, bar stool tops, and much more! What you choose to do with your circle wood slices is entirely up to you. Pair them with some of our table legs to create your own furniture or leave them as they are. Whichever you choose, you can be assured that these log slices will steal the spotlight from surrounding decor and become a big conversation starter.

Struggling to come up with ideas? Visit our customer photo album to see what others have done with their wood circles.

Already completed a wood disc project? Send us some pictures so we can share it with others!