Bar Tops: Live Edge Design

Black Walnut Bar Top
Black Walnut Bar Top

Live Edge Bar Tops

Live Edge Furniture is a continuously changing trend. From table tops, bar tops, coffee tables, and more. There's thousands of people flocking to get their hands their own personalized project. Today we focus on the growing number of people creating their own live edge bar top whether it's for their bar and restaurant, or a man cave in their home, there has been growing demand for the wooden bar tops.

Live Edge Over Time

Through over a decade of working with live edge, we have seen trends come and go. At the beginning, most people didn't consider live edge for their countertop, bar top, and even dining tables, but as the years went on, live edge became a staple for rustic design, and today is even considered modern with the use of epoxy and metal!

Red Cedar Bar Top

One-Of-A-Kind Bar Tops

Live edge bar tops are truly one of a kind, offering a captivating blend of nature's raw beauty and masterful craftsmanship. Each bar top carries the unique story of the tree it was sourced from, showcasing its individual knots, grains, and imperfections. This distinctive quality makes live edge bar tops not just functional surfaces, but also exquisite pieces of art that provide any space with a sense of timeless character and uniqueness.

Dining Area Bar Top
Upper Kitchen Counter Bar Top

Designing with a Purpose

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, live edge bar tops also contribute to sustabinable design practices. By utilizing reclaimed wood and sustainably sourced materials designers and homeowners are able to make a conscious choice to reduce environmental impact. Whether it's the metal stain from the hammock hung years ago, or the tree house that inevitably falls. incorporating live edge in our homes, and businesses preserves the unique and timeless stories that make each piece of wood extraordinary!

Live Edge Tree House