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Live Edge Wood


Natural Edge Wood

As beautiful and unique as the trees produced from, live edge wood refers to the natural edge of the wood under the bark after it is cut. Live edge wood keeps the original lines of the trunk along its edges, portraying the wood in its very naturalistic and raw state. Live edge wood first became popular in the 1940s by George Nakashima and has grown to be used for nearly any piece of furniture or home touch, from tables, benches, headboards or shelving.
Treasured for its biological beauty, our sawyers attention to detail matched with our ability to hand select each log that is sawn gives our customers a selection of the best and most unique pieces of live edge wood to use for their own projects.
Examples of Natural Edge Wood Slabs

What is Bookmatched Live Edge Wood?

Glad you asked!  When we say bookmatched we are referring to the process of opening two flitches or boards that were face to face in the tree.  You can easily make the comparison to bookmatched live edge lumber to pages in book placed side by side.  When a flich is thick, it is commonly called a slab.  Bookmatches, also known as sequenced lumber, adds beauty and dimension to furniture, as well as consistency.


Our Bookmatched Live Edge Wood Process

what are bookmatched wood slabs?

Our highly figured bookmatched lumber slabs are kept together through the entire milling & drying process.  Having the bookmatched lumber slabs process simultaneously allows you to choose a perfectly bookmatched and colormatched lumber slab for your furniture building projects.  The crotch slabs that are kept together will be noted in each item description.  The shape of a log, quality of wood and the process in which the lumber is milled and dried will influence the design and appearance of a table.  what are live edge slabs?

The Lumber Shack cuts high quality logs into thick flitches, or slabs which are then kiln dried in our dehumidification kiln.  Bookmatched flitches, or slabs, display the most intricate unique characteristics of the tree in a mirror image.  A flitch is a cut through a log from bark to bark, giving it the natural edge, or live edge appearance. 



We have a phenomenal large selection of a variety of live edge slabs and live edge lumber with all different shapes, sizes and species.  Although we cut all types of different live edge slabs we have definitely found our love and specialty in live edge figured walnut and curly spalted maple slabs.  There is just something about that raw beatuful natural design the wood showcases, it is truly a piece of art more then a piece of wood.  Whether it’s a gorgeous Nakashima Style table top slab, the amazing feather duster figure in a crotch slab or a piece of live edge burl for that coffee table you are building, The Lumber Shack offers a variety of amazing pieces for you to choose from.