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The Lumber Shack’s inventory of live edge wood slabs comes from urban renewals and sustainable timber management practices. We believe the wood style you're seeking shouldn't harm the environment, or break the bank. Shop all of our options to bring your vision to live with reclaimed wood.

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What is reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood refers to wood that has been salvaged from being processed as yard waste or burned to be removed. The reclaimed wood you will find at The Lumber Shack has been repurposed for your use. This approach helps to conserve natural resources and reduces the need to cut down trees unnecessarily.

Many logs from residential takedowns and urban development projects are destined for destruction. The Lumber Shack works with local tree services to reclaim this wood for your DIY wood projects and give it a new purpose. Our sawyers utilize as much of the log as possible. The end result is live edge tables, charcuterie boards, bar tops and more offered to you with sustainability in mind.

Reclaimed wood can also have unique characteristics, such as nail holes, weathered patina, or old-growth grain patterns, which add to its beauty and value. The amazing qualities of natural and reclaimed wood is our speciality at The Lumber Shack. We help our customers to create a range of DIY live edge wood projects with our full inventory of slabs, helpful buyer’s guides, inspiration galleries, news blog and more.

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Reclaimed wood for any project

Our reclaimed wood can be used for a wide range of DIY projects and finished products. Our inventory includes different sizes, dimensions, and wood types so we can help fulfill your vision for any live edge wood project.

Reclaimed wood Charcuterie Board

Lived Edge Charcuterie Boards

We offer wood for charcuterie boards, both finished and unfinished. This is a perfect option to add natural charm to your kitchen with reclaimed wood.

Live Edge Charcuterie Boards Guide
Reclaimed wood epoxy river table

Live Edge River Table

Live edge river tables are the perfect eye-catching statement piece. Using epoxy, you can highlight the natural characteristics of the wood in a beautiful way.

Live Edge River Tables Guide
Live Edge Coffee Table in Living Room made from reclaimed wood

Live Edge Coffee Tables

Reclaimed wood slabs are a high quality and durable option for your coffee table project. With the wide range of sizes in our online inventory, we're confident you'll find a wood slab to fulfill your vision. 

Live Edge Coffee Tables Guide
Round live edge dining table in dining room made from reclaimed wood

Live Edge Dining Tables

Live Edge Dining Tables add a truly one-of-a-kind piece to your dining room, office or restaurant space. Our inventory offers multiple sizes, shapes, and wood types, giving you plenty of wood slabs to choose from.

Live Edge Dining Tables Guide
live edge fireplace mantel above fireplace made from reclaimed wood

Live Edge Mantels

The eye-catching nature of live edge wood can be the perfect accent to a living room fireplace. Our inventory of live edge mantels is full of different thicknesses and shapes that can fulfill your vision.

Live Edge Mantels Guide
Live edge wood table top from reclaimed wood in dining room

Wood Table Tops

We offer wood slabs in a bookmatched set, perfect for creating a custom wood table top. Table top sets come in a variety of sizes and styles, ensuring you'll find the perfect fit for your home in our inventory.

Wood Table Tops Guide

Reclaimed Wood & Sustainability

You’re in search of style and sustainability. Your finished live edge wood project shouldn’t harm the environment. We are committed to helping our customers create successful live edge wood projects. That includes taking steps to increase sustainability.

We reduce waste and increase sustainability

Our process for providing live edge wood increases sustainability by reducing waste. When a tree is cut down, only a small portion of the wood is used for live edge products. The remaining wood is often discarded as waste.

To reduce waste, many live edge wood companies use as much of the tree as possible. This includes using the smaller branches and twigs for smaller items like cutting boards or coasters, using sawdust for compost, and turning wood scraps into charcoal for cooking or heating.

Sustainable Finishes

The finishing process for live edge wood products can also have an impact on the environment. Many traditional finishing products contain harmful chemicals that can harm both people and the environment.

In The Lumber Shack shop, we have begun offering more eco-friendly finishing options, such as natural oil finishes and eco-friendly epoxy resin. Just like with our reclaimed wood, we aim to be sustainable and eco-conscious in all of our practices.

Learn More About Finishing Options

Where is our wood sourced?

All of our locally sourced logs have been saved from being turned into mulch or ending up in someone’s firepit. We work with local tree services and reclaim their logs from residential takedowns, urban development projects, and sustainable forest management. With these logs being destined for destruction, we are able to reclaim, reprocess, and give them a new purpose!

Our sawyers assess each log as they come in and determine the best way to slab it depending on its size and characteristics. Our goal is to utilize as much of the log as possible while ensuring we have options for as many projects as possible! From tree slices to tables to charcuterie boards, each log is processed into slabs destined to be enjoyed in someone’s home for years to come.

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Benefits of using reclaimed wood

Each tree has a story to tell

Each cut of a tree is unique and different. Our reclaimed wood slabs each come from a unique tree with a unique story to tell. No slab is mass produced or duplicated. When you choose a piece of sustainably sourced reclaimed wood, the final product is always one-of-kind.

Quality guaranteed

Using reclaimed or salvaged in an item description can lead you to believe the material is “less” in quality, but that is not the case! Reclaimed Wood is a high quality option, and gives you a lot of natural characteristics that commercially produced materials just can’t replicate! In addition, our wood is kiln dried to prepare it for your interior projects.

Our wood slabs are closely scrutinized by our team of experts. We provide accurate information in each item description to ensure the best possible buying experience from start to finish. Read more about the Lumber Shack Guarantee.

Give a wood slab a new life

Reclaimed wood also gives you an opportunity to take something “old” or “plain” and give it a new life! You can decide to simply finish the piece as it is to maintain all of the natural charm and character, or add in elements such as epoxy, glass, etc. to transform it into something completely new.

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We'd been looking for a live-edge slab of wood to have as a coffee-bar under our window near the kitchen to look out at our gorgeous view of TN mountains. However, our budget didn't extend much beyond ~$300. Enter Lumber Shack to the rescue!! We got exactly what we wanted/needed for an amazing price!! I couldn't be happier with this purchase. If we ever need another piece of lumber, I know where I'm going, and I'm telling anyone who asks (or doesn't ;) to go here, too!! Thanks, Lumber Shack!!

 - Haley Overby

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Caring for your reclaimed wood

We are here to help your project become a success! This means understanding how to care for your reclaimed wood finished product. Read our guide to ensure your piece stays a remarkably eye-catching part of your home for a long time to come.

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