Please Read:

All of our wood is Kiln Dried and ready to be worked on by you! *Exceptions to this will be noted in the Features section.

Product Descriptions: Most of our wood has been surfaced on at least one side, with a majority being surfaced on both sides. Please check the pictures and Surfacing note on the Description tab for exact clarification on this. When boards are listed, any bow, cup, or twist that we see in the board is noted in the item description, plus or minus 1/8". Our wood is described as accurately as possible but due to the nature of highly figured and/or burled wood, minor cracking and checking might not be evident. 

Be sure to read the Description points carefully for any notes regarding Fragile Boards or Soft, Punky, or Rotted areas. Items with these noted in their description will most likely need additional stabilization work done prior to finishing. 

Product Pictures: For picture taking purposes, and to give you a good idea of what the slab will look like with a finish, we spray mineral spirits on slabs that are over 3/4" thick. Slabs that are 3/4" thick and under are sometimes wiped down with one swipe of mineral spirits to help show the figure.  

Product Dimensions: Because of the natural edge look to most of our slabs, our dimensions are listed as "at the widest spot" or "at the longest spot" of the slab.  Some of our slabs still have the bark attached, and the bark is included in our width dimensions if it is firmly attached. 

Product Numbers: Item numbers are written on all slabs in black sharpie marker, which can be easily removed with some light sanding or lacquer thinner. Check out this video to see how to the number removes using lacquer thinner.

Shipping & Handling: We cannot guarantee that all bark will remain on the slab during the shipping process. Our slabs are handled with great care, but even as they get moved around on the shelf, the bark can come off. Shipping struts may be installed on wider slab or tabletop sets for added stability during shipping. These are easily removed upon receipt but will leave small screw holes on the bottom side of the project. Please note on your order if you'd prefer Shipping Struts NOT be installed.

IF YOUR SLAB(S) SHIP VIA LTL FREIGHT: It is imperative that you inspect the package diligently upon arrival. Any damage MUST be noted on the delivery receipt prior to accepting the shipment to ensure all parties are protected. If damage is NOT noted on the delivery receipt, this may limit our options to resolve the problem. If you suspect there could be interior or concealed damage, open the freight while the driver is still there. Do not let the driver intimidate you into signing the papers before you have completed your inspection of the item. 

Caring for your Slabs & Wood Furniture

Environmental Consideration: Furniture must be kept in controlled conditions with an optimal environment temperature ranging from 70 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit with roughly 30-50% relative humidity. If the product is exposed to extreme changes in temperature the following could/will occur – materials may contract and expand which will cause materials to “move.” This may cause checking/cracking and/or warping. None of the above conditions would be considered manufacturing defects as wood is a natural, breathing element that responds to its environment.

Color Changes: Furniture should be protected from direct sunlight. Direct UV exposure will cause sun-fading or bleaching after prolonged exposure. Over time, there is a natural aging process and the finished surface will undergo natural color changes. 

Storing Wood Products: When storing a finished or unfinished piece of wood, it is important it has adequate support to stay flat and there is good air flow to all sides of the piece. If left inside the packaging or placed with one side on a blanket or other smothering surface for an extended period of time, it is very likely the slab will move resulting in bow, cup, twist, and/or cracking.