Oval Slabs

Oval Wood Slabs and Tree Rounds for Sale

Our oval wood slabs (also called log slices, tree rounds, and oval cut plaques) make the perfect starting piece for many projects! We have a wide variety of Black Walnut and Spalted Ambrosia Maple taxidermy oval cut slabs, ranging from 3/4" thick to 2" thick, and are always available for custom orders. Along with these two main species, we also have a selection of Red Flame Box Elder, White Ash and more.

Search our inventory to find the right oval slab for your next project!

How We Make Our Oval Slabs

To get that perfect large circle grain and gorgeous color contrast, we have to specifically design and architect the angle by which the wood slabs are cut. When the log slices are cut we take great care to make sure the live edge remains completely intact. This ensures that you're able to take full advantage of the wild live edge, adding a very rustic appeal to your next project.

What Can You Do with Oval Slabs?

Our oval wood log slices can be used in a variety of designs. We are constantly adding more and more of these rustic slabs as they practically fly off the shelves. Here are some of our more popular options for oval slabs.

Oval Wood Side Table

Oval wood side and coffee tables can be big attention getters. The raw nature of the cut has an undeniable appeal with little effort.

Taxidermy Mount Slabs

Looking to mount your trophy? Do it on an oval slab! The detail of a wood slabs' live edge will add a nice touch to your final product.

Some other projects that we have seen oval wooden slabs used for include but are certainly not limited to centerpiece platters, candle platters/votives, cake platters, nameplates, welcome signs, clock face plates, and many more. Let your imagination run wild, and don't forget to send us some pictures of your finished project!

Need even more ideas? Take a look at our customer photo album to see what others are doing with their oval slabs!