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View Our Stocked Inventory of Quality Wood Slabs and Handcrafted Live Edge Furniture For Sale


IOWA's exceptional Black Walnut trees are known for their dark chocolate brown colored heartwood.  Our cold temperatures and bountiful precipitation produces lumber with outstanding color, commonly used for furniture and turning wood, as well as prized gunstocks. 

Custom Cut Wood, Live Edge Lumber, Furniture and More in a Variety of Sizes, Cuts and Types. 
Our SAWMILL specializes in custom milling of unique Black Walnut Live Edge Lumber.  The slab lumber we offer is widespread, but if we do not have what you are looking for instock, please let us know.  Given that no two pieces of our live edge inventory are identical, it is difficult for us to custom cut to meet your exact needs, however, we do entertain custom cuts, and we are adding new inventory on a weekly basis.  

Most of our LUMBER is kiln dried, down to 6-8%, therefore ready to work.  Because the lumber slabs we specialize in is so unique and full of character, we do not grade most our lumber, but we do offer select lumber at an affordable price.

The Lumber Shack
2203 220th Street
Webster City, Iowa 50595
The Lumber Shack offers one of the largest selections of Lumber For Sale.  Our lumber is hand selected, described, pictured and priced, ready to be purchased and shipped to your door.  We have added some nice features to our website to give you the best online shopping experience we can provide.  If you are looking for something specific, please use the filters we have installed on our inventory pages.  The filters are located at the top of all inventory pages, and allow you to search for a specific wood type, and/or by thickness, width or length, as well as price.  We have also installed a filter that will allow you to check back often and search for the newest listed items.  If you are looking for a Live Edge Lumber Slab that is 1 1/2" - 2" thick, 24" wide and 60" long, go to our inventory section and click on Live Edge Slabs.  Change the thickness filter to 1 1/2" - 2", change the width filter to 24"-26" and change the length filter to 60"-72".  Keep in mind, because these filters are very specific we might not have a slab that is your exact dimensions, but we may have a slab that is 2" thick x 24" wide and 76" long which would still work for your project, and we would be more than happy to cut the slab for you to the correct length prior to shipping.  So if you are using the filters, please move them around a bit or select "doesn't matter" in some of the filters to give you a wider variety of Wood Slabs For Sale.
The Lumber Shack has several 1000s of feet of logs waiting to be sawn.  If you are looking for something specific and do not see it in our current inventory, please check with us.  We may have them already cut and waiting to be processed, or we may have several requests already for that product.  If we can provide it, we will cut it for you!  If you have a question for us, or need help finding something, we would prefer to exchange information through email first.  This gives us time to check our inventory and try to locate what you need if we have it.  It will also give us time to talk with our sawyer to see what items will be available in the near future.  We do understand that email is not always the best way of communicating but it does help us get back to you in a timely manner.  We do not have regular business phone hours, due to busy days in the warehouse or in the shop, but we do try to answer all emails and return phone calls as soon as we can.  For us to best help you find what you are looking for, please provide us with as many details about quantity, dimensions, figure & characteristics and any other information you have.  Wood Slabs For Sale, Live Edge Lumber, Custom Cut Wood
The Lumber Shack will ship any weight.  Our key method of shipping is through UPS Ground.  Due to the difficulty in handling large packages we prefer to ship packages under 100 pounds via UPS Ground, but we do ship them up to 150lbs.  Orders over 150lbs will either get split into 2 or more packages and ship by UPS Ground, or they will be shipped by freight.  We use a Logistics service which quotes freight with over 30 freight carriers to give you the lowest possible freight cost.  We want your business, so if you would prefer a different shipping option, please email us.  In addition to UPS, we do ship some packages via USPS.   
If you are purchasing more than 1 item, you can email us with the item numbers to get a better shipping price.  Due to the unique nature of our Custom Cut Wood, it is difficult for a machine to give you the best available shipping rate.  We manually figure all combine shipping quotes to provide you with the best possible cost.  When an item says that we do not have a shipping price for it due to its weight or size, please email us for a quote.  Prices are based on zip code.
We do offer discounts offered for large quantities, so please email with your requests.

The Lumber Shack is a Black Walnut Lumber supplier. Specializing in Live Edge Lumber, we offer beautiful and unique hand crafted wood including: Live Edge Slabs For Sale, Table Top Lumber For Sale, Gunstock Blanks For Sale and Rustic Wood Furniture For Sale.