Circle Cut Slabs from The Lumber Shack: A Cut Above

Circle Cut Slabs from The Lumber Shack: A Cut Above

When it Comes to Wood, Why Settle for the Ordinary?

Distinctive, natural, and attractive, The Lumber Shack’s large selection of circle cut slabs is a great way to showcase beautiful wood.  These raw and rustic slabs are cross sections of tree trunks providing the perfectly natural round cut of a tree.  Known by many names—including tree rounds, log slices, round plaques, round cut, taxidermy rounds — The Lumber Shack’s circle cut slabs are so unique that they’ll serve as conversation starters.  Many slabs are surrounded by live; other slabs have the natural edge underneath the bark, with the bark still intact in all or some areas of the live edge for an even more natural feel.

Our circle tree slices are perfect for building beautiful furniture pieces like dining room and coffee tables. You can view some of the handiwork and projects submitted by our valued customers.

Oak coffee table made from circle cut slab with a metal base
Oak Coffee Table​​
Cottonwood dining table made from a circle cut slab
Cottonwood Dining Table​​

Wood Circle Cut Slab Project Ideas

Circle cut slabs are also ideal for mounting clocks and game and for one-of-a-kind craft projects including platters, candle holders, cutting boards, photo frames or ornaments. Check out some additional crafty solutions on Pinterest. 

The Lumber Shack is pleased to offer a wide selection of beautiful circle lumber. We particularly recommend our stunning Black Walnut circle cut slabs for your next project. In addition, you’ll appreciate the rustic patterns and character found in our Spalted Ambrosia Maple and selection of other great wood species such as Ash, Oak, Hackberry, and Mulberry!

Available Circle Cut Slabs

The experts at The Lumber Shack will help you select the perfect cut slabs. We slice each log to highlight and accentuate the unique look and properties of each piece of wood. 

We offer many different thicknesses, depending on the specifications of your project. Our slabs begin as thin as 3/4″ thick and range up to nearly 5” thick. On our site, you can easily shop and sort by wood type, width, price and wood characteristics using the built-in filter tool.

If you have any questions, call the friendly professionals at Lumber Shack at 515-832-8733, take advantage of the live chat feature on the website, or send us an email at