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💲September Savings💲
50% OFF Sitewide + 70% OFF Bulk Deals

3- Natural Edge Bark Black Walnut Round Cut Wall Art Wood Slabs 12859-12861

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By selecting a Custom Finishing Option, we can help with your DIY process OR take the DIY completely off your hands! Take some time off your projects by choosing either flattening option, or by choosing to have your slab prepared for you to put your own finish on it. Or save yourself from jumping into a DIY project, and have us fully finish your slab, with or without epoxy.

Our sales staff is ready to assist you, Monday-Friday 7am-5pm & Saturday 3pm-9pm w/ extended hours Monday, Thursday & Friday until 9pm. CST Click the chat button in the lower right hand of your screen to start chatting about your project!

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Item 1
Thickness 1"
Diameter at Widest 11 1/4"
Diameter at Narrowest 9"
Actual Weight 5.1 lbs
Wood Type Walnut
Character Wood Great Character
Live Edges Some Areas of Bark/Live Edge Are Cracked/Loose
Cracks Cracks/Splits up to 1/4" Wide x 3" Long; Some Cracks/Splits go Through Full Thickness of Slabs
Inclusions & Voids Rustic Inclusions/Voids up to 3 3/4” Wide x 5 1/4” Long, Some go Through Full Thickness of Slabs
Cup Up to 1/16”
Pith Areas of Pith
Sticker Marks Some Sticker Marks on Rough Sawn Side
Other Details Most Measurements are (+/-) 1/8"
Surfacing Sanded 1 Side, Rough Sawn Other Side
Drying Method Kiln Dried

Please Read:

All of our wood is Kiln Dried and ready to be worked on by you! *Exceptions to this will be noted in the Features section.

Product Descriptions: Most of our wood has been surfaced on at least one side, with a majority being surfaced on both sides. Please check the pictures and Surfacing note on the Description tab for exact clarification on this. When boards are listed, any bow, cup, or twist that we see in the board is noted in the item description, plus or minus 1/8". Our wood is described as accurately as possible but due to the nature of highly figured and/or burled wood, minor cracking and checking might not be evident. 

Be sure to read the Description points carefully for any notes regarding Fragile Boards or Soft, Punky, or Rotted areas. Items with these noted in their description will most likely need additional stabilization work done prior to finishing. 

Product Pictures: For picture taking purposes, and to give you a good idea of what the slab will look like with a finish, we spray mineral spirits on slabs that are over 3/4" thick. Slabs that are 3/4" thick and under are sometimes wiped down with one swipe of mineral spirits to help show the figure.  

Product Dimensions: Because of the natural edge look to most of our slabs, our dimensions are listed as "at the widest spot" or "at the longest spot" of the slab.  Some of our slabs still have the bark attached, and the bark is included in our width dimensions if it is firmly attached. 

Product Numbers: Item numbers are written on all slabs in black sharpie marker, which can be easily removed with some light sanding or lacquer thinner. Check out this video to see how to the number removes using lacquer thinner.

Shipping & Handling: We cannot guarantee that all bark will remain on the slab during the shipping process. Our slabs are handled with great care, but even as they get moved around on the shelf, the bark can come off. Shipping struts may be installed on wider slab or tabletop sets for added stability during shipping. These are easily removed upon receipt but will leave small screw holes on the bottom side of the project. Please note on your order if you'd prefer Shipping Struts NOT be installed.

IF YOUR SLAB(S) SHIP VIA LTL FREIGHT: It is imperative that you inspect the package diligently upon arrival. Any damage MUST be noted on the delivery receipt prior to accepting the shipment to ensure all parties are protected. If damage is NOT noted on the delivery receipt, this may limit our options to resolve the problem. If you suspect there could be interior or concealed damage, open the freight while the driver is still there. Do not let the driver intimidate you into signing the papers before you have completed your inspection of the item. 

Caring for your Slabs & Wood Furniture

Environmental Consideration: Furniture must be kept in controlled conditions with an optimal environment temperature ranging from 70 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit with roughly 30-50% relative humidity. If the product is exposed to extreme changes in temperature the following could/will occur – materials may contract and expand which will cause materials to “move.” This may cause checking/cracking and/or warping. None of the above conditions would be considered manufacturing defects as wood is a natural, breathing element that responds to its environment.

Color Changes: Furniture should be protected from direct sunlight. Direct UV exposure will cause sun-fading or bleaching after prolonged exposure. Over time, there is a natural aging process and the finished surface will undergo natural color changes. 

Storing Wood Products: When storing a finished or unfinished piece of wood, it is important it has adequate support to stay flat and there is good air flow to all sides of the piece. If left inside the packaging or placed with one side on a blanket or other smothering surface for an extended period of time, it is very likely the slab will move resulting in bow, cup, twist, and/or cracking.

Finishing Options Information

No Work
The slab will not have any finish work done to it and will be shipped in the raw form.

Joint & Glue Up Table Top
Includes jointing and gluing the slabs together for one solid surface.

Flatten One Side Only
Includes flattening on one side of your choice, and the joint and glue up if that is an option. This will be done on our CNC machine, and will give you a level surface on the side you select.

Flatten Both Sides
Includes flattening on both sides of slab, and the joint and glue up if that is an option. This will be done on our CNC machine, and will give you a level surface on both sides. If there is a taper or a twist, the thickness of the slab will be reduced by that amount listed in the features section.

Prepare Slab for Finishing
Includes the joint and glue up if that is an option, flattening on both sides, and total preparation of the slab for finishing through machine and hand sanding to a 220 grit. When the slab arrives at your doorstep, it will be ready for you to apply your preferred finishing product.

Finish Slab
Includes all of the above services, plus a spraying with a Satin Finish Lacquer. The smooth finish sanding is on the top side of the slab only, the bottom of the slab will be lightly sanded and sprayed as well. Epoxy Wood Filler is not included. This will need to be quoted on a per item basis, so please make a note at checkout if you require the cracks and voids to be filled.

Additional Services

Custom Cuts
Any of the slabs can be custom cut to your exact dimensions. If you need your slab(s) cut, please make note of this in the notes/comments box before you check out. This will need to be priced separately depending on how many cuts you need.

Bark Removal

If you select a slab that has full or partial bark left on, you may add a bark removal charge to your order to remove it. Please make note of this in the notes/comments box before you check out. This will need to be priced separately depending on how much bark needs removed.


Epoxy fill services can also be completed and are priced separately. You must indicate at the time you place the order that you prefer to have all of the wood voids filled with epoxy in order to be given an estimate on that service.

 Shipping & Returns

How to Qualify for Free Shipping

Our free shipping promotion covers economy shipping to the lower 48 U.S. states on orders over $95. For a limited time only, this includes both commercial & residential freight shipments.

Freight Shipping

Due to the size and weight of our products, some orders are shipped via LTL or Commercial Freight. Freight shipments can be delivered to a commercial address, held at a local freight terminal, or delivered to a residential address. We use several different freight carriers and will notify you of who we shipped the order with and the tracking number once it has been picked up. If your package will be held at the terminal, the carrier will call you as soon as it is available for pickup. For Residential deliveries, the carrier will call once your package has arrived to the terminal to schedule a delivery appointment. In the case you provide inaccurate contact or shipping information, or fail to be available or respond to the carrier when contacting you for any need, you will be responsible for additional storage fees and/or the shipping costs associated with your order should they send the freight back to us.


All products must be returned in its original condition. No product will be accepted for a return if it has been drawn on, carved on, cut, or any other work done to alter it. Buyer is responsible for shipping both ways.

Custom work is Non-Refundable. If you choose to have any level of finishing done to your slab before it leaves our shop, the slabs and custom work fees are non-refundable. However, we do understand that sometimes even with careful planning, things change. We will review each case individually in hopes of being able to help. Please note: if we do reach an agreement on an exchange, even once custom work has been completed, the custom work is still non-refundable.

If for some reason you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us with the issues and we will do what we can to fix the problem. Please keep in mind that all of our finished furniture products are made to enhance the unique qualities of the lumber. All of the beauty of the natural knots, holes, bark inclusions, checks, and other natural character are what give our pieces the unique natural look, and will be noted in the description. Any item returned, must be in its original condition. We will not accept returns on items that have been altered in any way. Returns must be made within 21 days of purchase. We do charge a 10% restocking fee on all returns, with a minimum restocking fee of $10.00. Buyer pays shipping both ways on returns. Should you decide that returning the item is necessary; your refund, minus the restocking fee & shipping charges, will be issued once we receive the item back in the shop.

See more shipping information here.

Common Questions

Q: Are these pictures of the actual slab(s) I will receive, or just one similar?
The pictures you see with this listing are pictures of the exact slab you will receive. Each item is listed as a one of a kind product that can only be sold once. See the “Description” tab for more details regarding this item.

Q: I don't need both (or all) slabs, can I just purchase one of them?
Unfortunately, we cannot split up any of the packages. However, we do have slabs that are sold in singles as well. You can narrow your search down by using our search filters that correlate with your dimensions. You may also use our online chat service to speak with a wood expert while that can help you find various options while you are browsing.

Q:  How do the slabs come if I don’t select any finishing options?
A majority of our slabs are planed on both sides before they are listed on the site. This helps smooth out some of the marks left from the saw. You would then have some sanding to do before a finish was applied.

Q:  Can you guys custom cut this slab to my dimensions?
Absolutely! We have a full shop that can custom cut any of the slabs. If you have any drawings or sketches of your design, you can always send those directly to to discuss your project with one of our wood experts!

Q:  I see I can add epoxy to my order. What do you offer, and how do I specify want I want?
We do offer epoxy fill services on any slab that is being fully finished by us. This is a popular choice for river table slabs, or any slabs that may have some larger voids or cracks. We use TotalBoat and West Systems epoxy, and have many different colors and shades in blue, gold, copper, black, white, red, purple, and many more! If you would like to add this to your order, please add a note in the notes section when you go to checkout. From there, someone from our team will contact you with a quote and to discuss your design details.

Q:  Does “live edge” mean there is still bark on the slab?
The term live edge does not necessarily mean that the slab still has bark on the edges. Often times, the bark has fallen off, and the live edge refers to the surface just below the bark. This has a smoother texture than bark, but still has a very natural look. If the bark is still intact, this will be listed in the Product Features section of the listing.

 Q:  It says the slab has been planed on both sides. How is that different from flattening?
Most of our slabs are finished planed on both sides. This means the slab was ran through our planer to smooth out the surface of the wood. The main difference is that the planer will not flatten/sand out any of the tapers, bows, cups, or twists that the slab is listed with. You can find these details in the Description section of this listing. The flattening services would remove any tapers, bows, cups, or twists listed with that slab, leaving you with a perfectly level surface on one or both sides of your slab.

More questions? See a full list of common questions and answers here.