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Frequently Asked Questions




Q: Where does your wood come from?

Our logs are all local to Iowa, some come from urban removals where they were taken down for new construction, from storm damage, or any other reason a homeowner might not want that tree in their yard, and others come from sustainable timber management.  Most of the wood would have been shredded into free city mulch, but the logs were saved and milled, and are now ready to be used to make something great!

Q: How do I get the black marker off the live edge of my board?

There are a couple ways to remove the sharpie marker.  On most live edge surfaces lacquer thinner will work well or it takes VERY light sanding to remove the marker from the live edge portion of the slab.  A lot of the time it is written on dirt, so it can almost be rubbed off.    Most of the time our customers will lightly sand, or even steel wool the live edges to remove the dirt in order for a finish to stick to the live edge, so the removal of the marker would get done during this time.  You are still able to preserve the live edge.  On the end cuts, or areas of the slab that have been pre-cut, it does take a little more sanding to remove the marker as it does soak in a little more because of the fresh cut surface, or we would recommend copying the straight cut that we made, if you take 1/16” off at a time, it should remove it in just a couple passes.

Q: Can I get a price for a pallet of lumber? Do you sell per board foot?

A: We do not have pallets of wood that we sell by the board foot. All of our lumber is listed in packs of 1 to 10 boards and have been listed with like pieces. These boards are all listed in our Lumber category and can be searched through with our filters to help you find just the right pieces!

Q: Is this gunstock dry?

All of our gunstocks have the date they were cut listed in the information under the pictures. After the gunstocks are cut, we go through a detailed and quick process to get them listed and coated in a Paraffin Wax to help maintain moisture and prevent cracking. If you are looking for a piece to dry and carve later down the road, we have quite a few beautiful stocks waiting for you! If you are looking for a piece to dry now and carve soon, we highly recommend looking into a gun stock drying service so you don’t miss out on these one-of-a-kind stocks!

Q: What are your store hours and are you open on the weekends?

We do not have a retail store as our products are stored in a warehouse in the slot number they are assigned. We do allow customers to pick up and/or come see slabs before purchasing but we ask that you do your “browsing” online, using our search filters that will help you narrow it down based on your specifications.  Each product that is listed online has gone through a meticulous listing process so that you have all the information you need on that piece at your fingertips.  If you make a list and email that to us, we can set up an appointment for you to come look at them.   Please keep in mind that most of our products are unique, one-of-a-kind products, so if you have your heart set on one, we would suggest purchasing that item online. During the checkout process, choose the shipping option “Purchase Cart Items Now, Pay Shipping Separately”, and in the comments box on the last page of checkout, indicate that you are wanting to pick up the item or come see them.  Even if you want to look at others while you are here, that is fine, we just recommend the above course because we have seen too many times where a board sells to someone before you’ve made it in to see it and we cannot duplicate our products.

Q: Why are product prices different on eBay/Amazon?

Our prices differ between this site, Amazon and eBay due to several factors, the biggest being the types of sales and discounts we can run. We are able to offer higher discounts on our personal website than we are on Amazon or eBay. 



Q:  Do you offer Local Pickup?

We do offer Local Pickup. When you are purchasing the items, select "Local Pickup" as your shipping method. Once your shipping method is selected, you can either place the date and time you want to pick up your order in the comments section or call/email us to arrange pickup. 

Q:  I don't need the entire slab length. To save on shipping, what can I do?

You can possibly reduce shipping costs on this piece by cutting it down or shipping freight. The package including packaging will need to be less than 130 cumulative inches (2x width + 2x height + length) or less in order to reduce shipping charges. Anything over 130 cumulative inches will go over UPS Package size requirements and there will be an added handling fee. If you do not need the entire length or if you are planning to cut the board anyways, we will be happy to cut an end off for you, or cut the board in half and ship both pieces in the same package. We see the shipping price drop from $135 for the oversized package down to $35, so it is a dramatic savings if you do not need the entire length. Although it is pricey to ship this slab as it is, you can actually ship up to 90 pounds with no additional charge because they are already charging you for 90 pounds due to the size of the package. So if there are any other slabs you could use, now would be a great time to purchase them, as it will most likely be the same price to ship them together. We also offer competitive and affordable freight rates and can provide freight quotes!

Q:  Why are shipping prices different on eBay/Amazon?

The shipping prices on the 3 outlets are different due to the way they are calculated. We are considered a different store on Amazon and ebay and they each have their own regulations for figuring shipping. While on our own site, we run an algorithm designed to take into account the finished package size to get as accurate of an estimate as possible. 

Q:  Is shipping really free?

If you’re in the 48 continental US states, then yes it is! Free Shipping covers Standard Ground and Commercial freight shipments. Residential Freight, Alaska/Hawaii and international shipments are not included in the Free Shipping Promotion. 

Q:  When will my order ship?

Ground shipments usually ship in 1-2 business days, depending on Volume. Freight shipments usually ship in 1-3 business days, depending on Volume.

Q:  How long will it take to get here?

UPS Ground has a standard delivery time of 5-7 business days. Your package may arrive quicker than their expected window depending on your distance from our facility. We are located in North Central Iowa, so locations in the Midwest may receive shipments sooner.

Freight shipment ETA’s vary depending on carrier and location, but are usually delivered in 3-5 business days.

Q: I received my package, but the contents are damaged. What do I do?

We take extra care to package each and every item well so it makes the trip, but people don't always take the same care handling them along the way. If you received damaged items, please take pictures of the item(s) inside the packaging and send them to service@thelumbershack.com. KEEP ALL PACKAGING until someone from our office gets ahold of you. Depending on the severity of the damage, the carrier may want to pick the item back up and inspect it and will require all the packaging be available to them.




Q:  How much work do I have to do to this slab once I receive it?

Most of our slabs are finished planed on 2 sides.  With the finish planing, there are some machining marks on the slabs.  Usually you would have some sanding to do, and then apply a clear finish to bring out the color and characteristics in the wood.  If there is a taper in the wood that may not be planed, or other issues, it should be listed in the item description so you are aware.

We do offer custom work services as well, so if you are needing something done to the slab prior to shipping don’t hesitate to ask! We are able to do anything from planing and flattening a board, to completely finishing the piece for you. We price our custom work based on the total square inches of the board(s) you are wanting worked on. 

Q:  How do I go about finishing my slab at home?

When finishing a slab, we usually start by sanding at 60-100 grit, depending on the machining marks from the planer and the tapered areas that didn't get hit by the planer (these areas are a little thinner than the rest of the slab, and we didn't take the entire slab down to a smaller thickness because of those spots), so if you get it sanded to the 100 grit, we usually take it up to 220 and then it should be ready for a finish.  You can use a polyurethane, a lacquer, oils, or even a 2 part epoxy (this is probably the more difficult finish, but most protective for a bar top or other table top that will have water around it).