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Custom Cut Wood Components Sawn to Your Dimensions

 custom cut wood components

One of the many services we offer here at The Lumber Shack is to fill custom orders of wood components for all the types of exotic woods and lumber we store.  Whether you are looking to build a small garden fence or a whole patio deck, all you have to let us know is the type of wood you need for your project, the dimensions, the quantity, and we will start filling your wood component order. 

What really helps differentiate our wood component cutting capabilities is the variety of types of wood we offer.  Not many places have the wide selection of lumber we have, not to mention the famous Iowa Black Walnut and other locally harvest hardwoods that sit in our backyard.  Our custom component hardwoods are recognized worldwide across the furniture, building, manufacturing, sporting goods, and musical instrument industries.  We can have your wood components steamed, unsteamed, green, or kiln dried.  Full customization from cut to storage is set to your directions.  When you order your custom wood components from us have the confidence that you are getting a top of the line product from one of the leading experts in the wood industry.

Our Custom Component Hardwoods are sawn to your Dimensions, why pay for lumber you can't use?  Order the perfect size to meet your needs from Whole bowls, Flitches to Guitar Neck Blanks. 

wood components

Our Iowa black walnut wood is 100% brown heartwood with no sapwood unless requested.  We also offer spalted maple up to 100% defect free. 

The Lumber Shack's logs are hand selected according to size, species, and product specification and then are sawn to rough dimensions.  This rough stock is then stacked green, or if requested, steamed and/or kiln dried. 

All jobs priced individually according to rarity of the component and grade of lumber used, as well as quantities ordered.  We can do a few pieces to full containers.

Contact us at service@thelumbershack.com if you have a custom wood component questions or would like to get a quote and order.


 custom cut wood