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Live Edge Wood and Slabs with The Lumber Shack

As one of the top online suppliers of Live Edge slabs, our family owned company, The Lumber Shack, has been in business for over 13 years. Based out of Iowa we ship high quality Live Edge slabs all across the nation. Rooted in hard work, our team of qualified experts is committed to satisfying customer expectations and creating positive experiences.

At The Lumber Shack we cater to both individuals working on special projects and commercial companies with bulk orders. Our extensive selection of live edge wood includes cuts from several types of wood such as Hackberry, Oak, Spalted Maple, Ash, Black Walnut, among many others. Our high quality, locally sourced Live Edge slabs are kiln dried and heat sterilized.

We only use specially harvested wood found locally. The environment is a top priority to us, and we follow best practices such as using salvage wood, taking part in urban renewal projects in the area, as well as other sustainable timber management practices. All the wood selected for our Live Edge Wood inventory is done so with sustainability in mind. We value the environment while also marketing affordable heat sterilized and kiln dried slabs that will hold the test of time.

One of the many specialty services we provide at The Lumber Shack is book matching. This process keeps two live Edge slabs together during milling and drying. We can match and join boards of up to 170 inches in length. These long slabs are common in commercial projects and create beautiful pieces of furniture. You will be amazed by the degree of quality in our process. We take great care to make sure that the slabs are matched with an almost invisible gap between. We aim to knock out the competition with our standard of excellence.

When you’re shopping for unique custom Live Edge slabs online, it can be hard to trust that what you see online is what you will get. We work tirelessly to ensure that the images of our inventory that we list online portray the same board you will receive in person. We use professional photography to provide a true image of our stock. Each of our products are carefully photographed to exhibit even the smallest details. Additionally, the online listings provide accurate and comprehensive descriptions. There won’t be any surprises when your item is delivered, as it should be exactly what you expect it to be. Each of our heat sterilized, kiln dried pieces are checked for quality and compatible to our online descriptions. Each detail of every piece will be reported in our virtual listing. You should feel confident knowing that the slabs you purchase will be identical to what you see on our site.

Our team is constantly updating our online inventory so that everything you see on the site is available for purchase, this way our customers won’t find a piece they want to be out of stock. As soon as a board is sold, we remove it from our online inventory. We have an extremely organized process for storing, categorizing and listing each Live Edge slab that we sell. All items that are listed are up-to-date in stock and ready for shipment. When it comes to shipping your slab, you can rest easy knowing that it will be packed with extreme care and caution. We guarantee that you will receive it in perfect condition, just as it was described on our site. Our packing and shipping process is efficient and streamlined. With over a decade of experience and determination to customer fulfillment, we know the best process for making sure our products are shipped without damage.

In the rare event that we discover an issue with your piece prior to shipment, we take immediate action to consult you. We are dedicated to making our customers happy and proud of their purchases. We back up each piece that we sell, and you should receive your selected slab in pristine shape. All of our pieces are individually numbered and when you purchase an item from our inventory it is matched exactly. The convenience of online shopping makes it easy to select the piece you want from your own home without having to travel out of town to a specialty showroom. Our virtual showroom will make you feel like you’re actually scrutinizing each piece up close and personally.

The Lumber Shack not only sells a massive inventory of unique Live Edge slabs, but we also offer convenient turnkey services so that your piece is ready to go as a completed finished product. In addition to selecting the precise Live Edge slab you want, we can also finish your piece completely for you. Some of the custom pieces we finish for customers include vanities, coffee tables, dining tables, bar tops, and mantle pieces.

With reasonable pricing and professional technique, we can deliver that beautifully finished piece you have always dreamed of.

Our finishing services include the following:

  • Perfectly joining two or more slabs together with adhesive.
  • Making the upper and lower portions of the slab completely flat after they are perfectly joined together.
  • After the pieces have been flattened and perfectly joined together, sanding can be done up to 220 grit to prepare for the slab for finishing products.
  • Application of a satin finishing lacquer in addition to sanding for that ultra smooth finish.
  • Application of wood filler and epoxy — these options vary in cost depending on the slab you purchase and the amount of work that needs to be done.

Whatever your Live Edge slab needs may be, you can trust The Lumber Shack to take care of you. We won’t be satisfied until we have provided you with exactly what you want. Our staff will be diligent in making sure that the vision you have for your piece comes to life. With strict quality assurance procedures, we guarantee you will love the Live Edge slabs you buy from The Lumber Shack.

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