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Unique Quality Lumber Wood at its Finest

One of A Kind Exotic Lumber Wood

The Lumber Shack holds pride in the unique quality lumber wood we assemble and create for our customers.  Whether you are looking for red cedar live edge lumber for solid wood cabinetry or something more unique like black walnut bookmatched slabs for nice wood table top, we have a huge variety of quality lumber to fit any wood craft project.

Our quality lumber comes from the sought after hard working forests of the Midwest, central Iowa timbers, as well as salvaged trees locally harvested by our tree expert woodsmen. 

 Lumber wood For Sale

One of the most attractive attributes of quality lumber is the eye-popping contrast of wood colors.  To maximize the attractive lumber pieces raw texture we kiln dry and carefully handle each piece of lumber from the moment we cut the tree to the time we package and send it to youThe Lumber Shack lumber storage facility is never steamed, and kept dry to preserve the quality of the wood from color to texture.

We offer our lumber in various sizes to help fit and wood project whether you are looking for a small wood slab for a coffee table or a large live edge slab for an office table.  If you are purchasing a Table Top Set or any other specialty Live Edge "Center Piece" Slab from us, be sure to add the surrounding lumber from our collection to get as close to color-matched pieces as you can.  Walnut looks different from all over the country and you can be sure our Midwest Walnut is second to none!

Black Walnut Lumber Wood

Hardwood Lumber For Sale

Black Walnut lumber wood is a very heavy, and is a strong wood defined by its rich deep browns and beautiful raw figure.  Black walnut lumber has a natural color variation ranging from dark to lighter browns with white sapwood.  Walnut has beautiful grain structure, and is much sought after.  We offer our Walnut Lumber with sapwood as well as sapfree.  Black Walnut lumber has an increasingly high demand and to keep up with our customers we add hundreds of new black walnut lumber wood each week.  Always remember that every piece of lumber whether black walnut, sycamore, or any type of wood is one of a kind.  If you see a piece of lumber and decide to get it later it may already be sold by the time you check back!

We like to think we offer one of, if not the largest on-line selection of Black Walnut and Spalted Maple Live Edge Slabs and Lumber offered in the United States.  We offer Live Edge Bookmatched Slabs for many different furniture building projects, such as Coffee & End Tables, Dining Room Tables, Cabinetry, and more. 

Browse our selection of exotic lumber wood today.