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Gunstock Blanks


Wood Gunstock Blanks For Sale

 Gunstock Blanks For Sale

The Lumber Shack offers top quality wood gunstock blanks at great prices whether you are looking for nice walnut gunstocks or maple gunstocks we carry a wide diversity of woods to fit your needs.  In order to maintain our top quality wood gunstock blanks we carefully pick, cut, and store each gunstock blank in our Iowa warehouse. 


Our central Iowa black walnut gunstock blanks are roughly milled approximately 3 inches thick, and then air dried for several years.  We cut our black walnut gunstocks from the highest grade of walnut trees.  The Lumber Shack has been guaranteeing its great quality of strong gunstock blanks since it’s foundation and we plan on keeping it that way.  Each log is opened and cut by our expert sawyer whose exceptional judgment of lumber has helped us turn our local Iowa brand into the national scale business we are today. 


 Gunstock Blank Wood For Sale

Our sawyer’s specialty is  selecting and cutting the lumber in a way to maximize the grain qualities that our customers keep coming back for.  We do not generally kiln dry our gunstock blanks, however, we do operate a Nyle Dehumidification Kiln for the material where kiln drying is necessary.  If and when a gunstock has been kiln dried, it will be listed in its item description that it was kiln dried.   Our maple and walnut gunstock blanks are one of the highest demanded wood products we offer.  To keep up with demand we add new wood gunstock blanks every week to our shop so keep checking back to find the gunstock blank you are looking for!

Black Walnut Gunstock Blanks & Maple Gunstocks

 Gunstock Blank Stock

Our wood gunstock blanks inventory is generally stocked with pieces fit for rifles, shotguns, pistols, and knife scales.  We try to describe every defect on these items, as we know how important it is to get the most honest representation for your project. 

We price according to rarity of our figured and spalted stocks.   A lot of our blanks may be laid out with a pattern, this pattern is usually traced on with a sharpie marker, and then filled with a clear poly to help show you the figure and character in them.   These patterns are not for a specific shotgun or rifle, it is only an example to help show grain flow

in general and what a stock carved out of that blank is going to look like.  So remember, if it looks good on a flat surface, after you or your gunsmith shapes your blank, it is going to look great! 

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