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About Our Black Walnut Lumber and More

The Lumber Shack

A Family Owned and Operated Lumber Supplier

Slab of black walnut lumberAt The Lumber Shack we offer a large selection of Figured Black Walnut Lumber & Spalted Maple Slabs

Here at The Lumber Shack our mission is to provide the most unique one of kind wood cuts in the wood industry.  Our excellent attention to detail and artistic eye helps us select the best lumber slabs.  Each wood piece is hand selected, described, and priced individually ready for you to purchase.

The Lumber Shack Provides Rich Black Walnut ~ Spalted Maple Wood Slabs and Everything in Between!

Every piece of lumber is hand selected by our team of expert sawyers born with the artistic vision for wood projects backed with a meticulous understanding of attention of detail to the wood.  The artistic vision of our sawyers help them understand potential opportunities on how each piece of lumber can be used while the attention to detail helps craft the piece of wood to be cut to perfection to get that Heirloom Quality Lumber our customers have grown to expect and keep coming back for.  The Lumber Shack aims to be extremely resourceful and conscience of our environment by using all elements of the tree.  We believe wasting any part of Walnut Trees is a crime so even the scraps are used or sold for home heat or end up in our boiler which heats multiple buildings all winter long.

Our Selection of Live Edge Lumber Slabs grows everyday, so check back often for the newest and latest Inventory!  We list  over 150 new items every week.  The Lumber Shack is your number one Wood Slab Supplier!


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 Woodmizer LT70 Lumber Saw

The Lumber Shack operates a Woodmizer LT70.  Careful thought and strategy is planned out to make sure the log goes on the saw in the right position.  As much as we would like the process to be nice and easy we typically need to strategize each piece so it gets the best end result.  When the log is ready to saw, good lumber handling ensures you get the highest quality lumber for your projects.

We like to sticker the lumber right off the saw and air dry under the roof until its time to go into the kiln where your lumber is carefully monitored till it reaches 6 to 10% moisture content, then carefully conditioned to remove stress. It really is a science combined with art and love that we put into every piece of lumber.

 DH4000 Nyle Dehumidification KILN Lumber

We operate a DH4000 Nyle Dehumidification Kiln.  All of our Kiln lumber is heated above 145 degrees to kill any unwanted bugs, and is unsteamed to preserve the great contrast in color between the cambium or sap layer and the heartwood.  Our walnut is unsteamed and dryed in our dehumidification kiln to preserve the original walnut colors that can only be found in the Midwest.  In Iowa, the climate provides such growing conditions that walnuts thrive and develop that sought after deep, rich walnut color and tight growth rings.

After Kiln drying almost all our wood is surfaced 2 sides on a spiral head planer, ensuring you get the smoothest surface we can provide, ready for you to get to work.

Our wood is almost always left as untouched as possible getting you the most naturalistic product we can.  If the wood is cut or edged, it can’t be undone so we leave live edge figured walnutit in hopes to help out the widest arrangement of potential wood project uses.

Lumber is carefully handled all through the processes and keeps on that way until it gets to you.  All our wood items are one of a kind with a first come first serve sales strategy.  We do all we can to make sure our descriptions and photos portray the piece of wood as honestly as possible.

We want you to have an enjoyable experience with The Lumber Shack and return time and time again, so if there is anyway to make your experience with us even better, please email us. 

~ Your Black Walnut Lumber Company ~ www.thelumbershack.com

Shipping quotes available by request.