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4- Reclaimed Maple Wood Furniture/Craftwood Lumber Boards 11712-11715

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4- Reclaimed Maple Wood Furniture/Craftwood Lumber Boards 11712-11715

Product Dimensions:
This product contains multiple items.
Items are pictured & listed in order of product number.

Items 1 - 4
Thickness: 13/16''
Width: 4'' at the Widest Width
Length: 36 1/16''

  • Some Very Nice Fiddleback Figure
  • Some Very Nice Feather Figure
  • Some Very Nice Spalting Throughout
  • Great Character
  • Nice Color
  • Build a wide variety of projects with this Figured Lumber! Great choice for Cabinets & other Furniture!
  • Other uses: Musical Instruments, Boat or Car Interiors, Decorative Turnings, Toys & Carvings!
  • Tapers: Due to Slight Thickness Taper Some Boards have a Couple Unplaned Areas up to 4" x 22 3/4"
  • Cracks: Few Small Cracks/Splits up to 1/8" Wide
  • Inclusions/Ingrown Limbs: Few Small Inclusions/Voids
  • Bow in All Boards up to 1/4"
  • Twist in All Boards up to 1/4"
  • Planed on 2 Sides
  • Kiln Dried

We will be offering this figured lumber regularly, so be sure to check out the rest of the lumber listings! You can combine several of these lumber boards into the same shipment to save on shipping! If you are in need of larger quantities, please check with us, we can supply our lumber in order sizes from one board to several 1000 board foot. Additional grades are available also!

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