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10- Nice Figured Wainscoting Walnut Bar/Counter Overhang Paneling 15182-15191

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10- Nice Figured Wainscoting Walnut Bar/Counter Overhang Paneling 15182-15191

Product Dimensions:
This product contains multiple items.
Items are pictured & listed in order of product number.

Items 1 - 10
Thickness: 3/4''
Width: 5 1/2'' at the Widest Width
Each Piece Covers approximately 5" Wide
Length: 48 1/4''


  • The Wanes Coating Currently Listed are all Spectacularly Figured, Lots of Fiddleback, Rattails, Feather and other Fun and Gorgeous Figures & Characteristics!!
  • With the Rustic Character Comes Some Defects on Edges, Most Uses for this Product is in 3' Lengths, so there is Plenty of Room for Trim
  • Great Chocolate, Carmel & Coffee Colors
  • Thickness & Width Measurements are +/- 1/16"; Length Measurements are +/- 1/2", Ends May or May Not be Perfectly Square, Plan on Trimming
  • Cracks: Lots of Cracks Throughout
  • Voids: Lots of Inclusions and/or Voids Throughout
  • Planed on 2 Sides
  • Kiln Dried
  • Other Uses other than Wall Coverings: Backs of Gun Cabinets, China Cabinets, Entertainment Centers, Under Bars/Countertop Overhangs,

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