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Very Rustic Live Edge Maple Craftwood Slab 13578*

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Finishing Options    more info
No Work
You don’t want any work done to the slab.    + $0.00
Flatten Top Side Only
Includes jointing & glueup, if needed, flattening one side of slab, the top side. You can specify which side below.    + $9.63
Flatten Both Sides
Includes jointing & glue up, if needed, flattening of both sides    + $12.31
Prepare Slab for Finishing
Includes joint & glue up if needed, flattening both sides, machine & finish sanding to 220 grit, ready for you to apply your own finish    + $28.36
Finish Slab
Includes all of the above plus spraying with a Satin Finish Lacquer. The smooth finish sanding is on the top of the slab only, bottom of slab will be lightly sanded and finished. Epoxy or Wood Fillers not included, these will need to be priced separately, so please put a note at checkout if you require the voids to be filled.    + $32.10
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Very Rustic Live Edge Maple Craftwood Slab 13578*

Product Dimensions:
Item 1
Thickness: 1 11/16''
Width: 6 1/2'' at the Widest Width
5'' at the Narrowest Width
Length: 18 5/8''

  • Some Nice Fiddleback Figure
  • Some Nice Spalting
  • Great Character
  • Nice Color
  • Live Edges
  • Cracks: Few Small Cracks/Checks
  • Inclusions/Ingrown Limbs: Few Rustic Inclusions/Voids
  • Voids: Some Very Small Voids/Worm Holes
  • Some Areas of Slab are Soft/Doughy
  • Some Areas of Wane
  • Planed on 2 Sides
  • Kiln Dried

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