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2- Very Rustic Live Edge Round Cut Boxelder Wall Art Slabs 14072

14072 Live Edge Boxelder Slabs (3).jpg
14072 Live Edge Boxelder Slabs (2).jpg
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2- Very Rustic Live Edge Round Cut Boxelder Wall Art Slabs 14072

Product Dimensions:
This product contains multiple items with different dimensions.
Items are pictured & listed in order of product number.

Item 1
Thickness: 15/16''
Diameter: 19 1/8'' at the Widest Diameter
17'' at the Narrowest Diameter

Item 2
Thickness: 3/4''
Diameter: 18 3/4'' at the Widest Diameter
16 3/4'' at the Narrowest Diameter

Due to Cracks/Splits Slabs are Very Fragile and Could Break in Half

  • Some Light Fiddleback Figure
  • Awesome Circle Grain
  • Some Nice Smokey Spalting Throughout
  • Great Character
  • Great Mix of Colors, Some Unique Pink Color in Slab
  • Wood Log Slice, Great for End Table Tops
  • Live Edges
  • Tapers: Due to Slight Thickness Taper, Couple Small Unsanded Areas up to 1/8" x 7 1/2" x 13"
  • Cracks: Couple Rustic Splits/Cracks up to 5/8" x 9 3/4", Some Splits/Cracks go Through Full Thickness of Slabs
  • Inclusions/Ingrown Limbs: Couple Small Rustic Inclusions/Voids/Knots
  • Cup Less Than 1/16" in Both Slabs
  • Dual Drum Sanded on Both Sides
  • Kiln Dried

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