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Figured Walnut 2 in Thick Live Edge Tree Bark Slab Lumber Table Top 20516

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Figured Walnut 2 in Thick Live Edge Tree Bark Slab Lumber Table Top 20516

Product Dimensions:
Item 1
Thickness: 2 1/2''
Width: 22 1/2'' at the Widest Width
14'' at the Narrowest Width
Width at Approximate Center of Slab is 15"
Length: 104 1/4''

  • Very Nice Fiddleback Figure
  • Nice Cathedral Grain
  • Great Character
  • Gorgeous Marbling
  • Bookmatched to Slab(s) #20515
  • Live Edges
  • Cracks: Couple Small Cracks/Checks up to 8" Long
  • Voids: 5" Void on Bottom of Slab
  • Planed on 2 Sides
  • Kiln Dried

NOTE ON SHIPPING: You can possibly reduce shipping costs on this piece by cutting it down or shipping freight. It exceeds UPS Ground maximum girth inches for standard ground shipping rates. The package including packaging will need to be less than 130 inches (2x width + 2x height + length) or less in order to reduce shipping charges. The charge that currently shows for the shipping is the charge it will be to ship this board to you, as is, with no trimming or cutting. If you do not need the entire length or if you are planning to cut the board anyways, we will be happy to cut an end off for you, or cut the board in half and ship both pieces in the same package. We try to put a bullet in our listings to let you know how many inches would need to be cut off the length for the shipping price to be reduced. The cutoff measurement doesn't include shipping the cutoff piece in that package, these can be shipped separately if needed. We see the shipping price drop from $135 for the oversized package down to $35, so it is a dramatic savings if you do not need the entire length. Although it is pricey to ship this slab as it is, you can actually ship up to 90 pounds with no additional charge because they are already charging you for 90 pounds due to the size of the package. So if there are any other slabs you could use, now would be a great time to purchase them, as it will most likely be the same price to ship them together. We also offer competitive and affordable freight rates, its usually around the 250-300 lb mark where you start to see a savings with freight, so if you are looking at several slabs, it may be the best way to go. Please email us with your zip code for freight quotes.

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