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H-Shaped 24" Textured Black Metal Dining Table Legs/Office/Peninsula 51030

Aluminum H Leg Table Support4.png
Silver H Shaped Table Leg Support4.png
H Shaped Table Leg Mounting Plate4.png
H-Leg 24 in Diagram1.png
H-Leg Support Diagram4.png
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H-Shaped 24" Textured Black Metal Dining Table Legs/Office/Peninsula 51030

Height: 27 1/2'' Tall
Leg Base: Leg Base Spread: 24"
Leg Dimensions: Support Leg
Column Diameter: 2 3/8"
Metal Type: Steel, Plated or Epoxy-Coated
Finish: Textured Black
Leveler Foot Included: Includes Leveler Foot that allows an additional 3/4'' of upward height adjustment for uneven floors.
Vertical Load Rating: 440 lbs per leg
Assembly: Easy to Assemble - Attached Mounting Plate
Mounting Plate: Fabricated Steel 6" x 26 3/8"
Mounting Hardware: Not Included, Uses a Pan Head #10 Screw
Quantity 1 piece
Miscellaneous Information: Components are Welded Together for Maximum Strength
Top Sizes Recommended: Recommended for Tops up to 28" - 36"''
Other Sizes Available: 17 3/4" Wide
Other Finishes Available: Silver Aluminum
*Pictures Shown are not the exact size and/or shape sold in this listing. Pictures Displayed are to give you an idea of what the finished product will look like. Pictures Shown in this Listing are in the Silver Aluminum Finish.
*Any Wood Slabs or Props shown in Pictures are for Display Purposes only and are Not Included.
Product Dimensions:

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