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1-V-Design Modern Coffee Table/Bench Leg Chrome/Metal 50032

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V-Shaped Coffee Table Leg.jpg
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1-V-Design Modern Coffee Table/Bench Leg Chrome/Metal 50032

Height: 16" Tall; 14 1/2" Tall to the Bottom of the Mounting Plate
Width: V at Top is 3" x 3"; at Bottom about 5/8" Triangle

Multiple Options

Leveler Foot: None
Vertical Load Rating: 200 lbs per leg
Assembly: Easy to Assemble - Mounting Plate Attached to Leg - Hardware Not Included
Mounting Plate:
 Solid 1/2" thick Aluminum, all part of the Single Cast Leg
Dimensions: Five Sided, Varies from 3 /12" to 4 1/4" wide x 4 1/2" Deep to the "V"
Quantity: Sold as Singles

This set of 1 Coffee Table Leg has a unique Mounting Plate Integrated right into the Leg.  The Leg attaches to Furniture by resting on a Flange at the back of the Leg, allowing a Beautiful Flowing Profile which is Fully Visible from all Angles.The Unique "V" that Adds a Sleek Look to the Leg Projects about 1 1/6" up onto the Sides of the Attached Top.  See Photos for more information.  The Leg is Very Sturdy and can handle most Furniture Loads.  Perfect for both Designers & Do-It-Yourselfers.  Add a Solid Wood Slab to these Table Legs for the Perfect Look!  Use these Legs in your Office, or at Home.  

Would also be great for use as a Night Stand, End Table, Foot Stool, and many, many other great uses!.

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