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Beautiful Natural Edge Black Line Spalted Maple End Table Top Slab 59007

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Beautiful Natural Edge Black Line Spalted Maple End Table Top Slab 59007

Product Dimensions:
Item 1
Thickness: 1 11/16''
Width: 16 5/8'' at the Widest Width
7'' at the Narrowest Width
Length: 38 3/4''

Gorgeous Finished Spalted Maple Table Top

This slab was pictured and described before kiln drying. It is currently in the kiln and scheduled to be out of the kiln Finished With Satin Polyurethane with an expected moisture content at 6-8%. While in the kiln, it will reach a high temperature of 150 degrees. After they have gone through the entire kiln schedule, we are expecting the outer cores to test at 6-8%, with the inner core to test in the middle to high teens. Due to the enormity of these slabs, the center core will not be completely dry, however they will be ready to work for most projects. Due to the drying process, cracks and checks could develop. If you would like to reserve a slab, we require a 50% deposit up front. Once the slabs come out of the kiln, we can send you an updated picture to inform you of any problems that may have developed. You will have 7 days after receiving the updated information to decide if you would like to continue with the purchase.
These slabs are offered as rough cut, and we can offer them with the following finishes at the prices listed below, (these prices are only for the slabs with this description in the listing):

~ Plane on 2 sides $100 each slab ~
~ Run through our Dual Drum Sander $100 each slab ~
**Slabs will need to be planed in order to run through the sander
~ Straight Cut on one side and run through the Jointer $200 for the set ~

  • Nice Figure
  • Some Nice Spalting
  • Great Character
  • Nice Color
  • Live Edges
  • Cracks: Some Small Cracks
  • Some Character Inclusions/Voids Have Been Filled With Apoxy to Give Them a Finished Look
  • Sanded
  • Kiln Dried
  • Table Pedastal Base Not Included, Check out our Furniture Leg Section for a Great Selection of Metal Table Legs!