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Wood Turning Blanks & Wood Turning Blocks

At The Lumber Shack we understand the importance of how using quality unique wood blocks create incredible woodturning projects.  Our specialty woodturning blanks consist of our highly Black Walnut blanks, Spalted maple turning blocks, and highly marbled black walnut turning blanks.  We have all other types of woodturning blanks, however, those three are always in high demand.  As a woodturner, you have to have the end woodturning project in mind when choosing the type of woodurning block you will use.  

 wood turning blanks

We understand how important the foundation of your woodturning project depends on the type of woodturning blank, that’s why our detailed expert woodsmen have hand selected and cut each piece of woodturning block we offer in our shop.

The Lumber Shack specializes in Highly Figured Black Walnut & Spalted Maple turning blanks and Highly Marbled Black Walnut Turning blocks.  Woodturners and woodcraftsman enthusiasts would agree that you never know what you’re going to get out of a piece of wood until you start working on it!  We are proud to host only the finest quality of woodturning blanks that best suit any woodturning project so you never have to second guess the turning wood you select.

Create Incredible Woodturning Projects with Our Quality Wood Turning Blanks

At The Lumber Shack, we strive to offer high quality and affordable woodturning blanks (also referred to as Turning Blocks). We are constantly adding new woodturning blanks every week as they serve great for a variety of birdcalls as well as saltshakers and even table legs.  Our inventory of turning blocks is adaptive to demand, however we typically we will carry standard size 2x22.5x2.53x33.5x3.5, and 4x4 Blanks.  We also offer bowl blanks, knife scales, and pen blanks.  If your woodturning project requires unique specifications or bulk order all you need to do is email us to work out a quote in 24 hours.

Each one of our listings of woodturning blanks will tell you if the blanks were air dried, kiln dried or are green and waxed.  

Our shop is organized to fit the niche you are looking for whether you are looking for turning green wood or highly figured walnut turning blanks.

 woodturning blanks

Please visit our inventory of Turning Blocks, and let us know if you need a particular size that we don’t currently offer.

The Lumber Shack is also a leading supplier of Fixed Dimension Custom Component Hardwoods.  We are located in Central Iowa, in the heart of the World Famous Select Iowa Black Walnut resource.  The Lumber Shack produces Custom Component Hardwoods and Specialty Items recognized worldwide in the furniture, building, manufacturing, sporting goods and musical instrument industries. 

Our Custom Component Hardwoods are sawn to your Dimensions, why pay for lumber you can't use?  Order the perfect size to meet your needs from Whole Bouls and Flitches to Guitar Neck Blanks. 

Check out some of the turning wood we have available today.

If you would like more information on pricing please contact us at


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