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Live Edge Slabs

 Live Edge Slabs & Live Edge Lumber

We have a phenomenal large selection of a variety of live edge slabs and live edge lumber with all different shapes, sizes and species.  Although we cut all types of different live edge slabs we have definitely found our love and specialty in live edge figured walnut and curly spalted maple slabs.  There is just something about that raw beatuful natural design the wood showcases, it is truly a piece of art more then a piece of wood.  Whether it’s a gorgeous Nakashima Style table top slab, the amazing feather duster figure in a crotch slab or a piece of live edge burl for that coffee table you are building, The Lumber Shack offers a variety of amazing pieces for you to choose from.

Beautiful Taxidermy Lumber, Black Walnut Wood Slices,

Round or Oval Cuts and More!

 Live Edge Slabs For Sale

Bookmatched Live Edge Lumber


 bookmatched live edge slabOur highly figured bookmatched lumber slabs are kept together through the entire milling & drying process.  Having the bookmatched lumber slabs process simultaneously allows you to choose a perfectly bookmatched and colormatched lumber slab for your furniture building projects.  The crotch slabs that are kept together will be noted in each item description.  The shape of a log, quality of wood and the process in which the lumber is milled and dried will influence the design and appearance of a table.  bookmatched live edge lumber

The Lumber Shack cuts high quality logs into thick flitches, or slabs which are then kiln dried in our dehumidification kiln.  Bookmatched flitches, or slabs, display the most intricate unique characteristics of the tree in a mirror image.  A flitch is a cut through a log from bark to bark, giving it the natural edge, or live edge appearance. 

What is Bookmatched Live Edge Lumber?

Glad you asked!  When we say bookmatched we are referring to the process of opening two flitches or boards that were face to face in the tree.  You can easily make the comparison to bookmatched live edge lumber to pages in book placed side by side.  When a flich is thick, it is commonly called a slab.  Bookmatches, also known as sequenced lumber, adds beauty and dimension to furniture, as well as consistency.

Live Edge Lumber for Taxidermy Mount Plaques

 live edge lumberLive Edge Lumber is often the first choice for furniture, including bar and counter tops, headboards, tables and fireplace mantles because of its beaitufl distinctive forms and atypical shapes.  Because of the live edge lumbers natural raw exposure it integrates perfectly when it comes to mounting trophy animals showing them off in their best advantage. 

taxidermy mount plaques

Trophy animals aren't just decorations, they are a prideful display of accomplishment!  That is why it is crucial to the presentation of the trophy animal to use a mount that is equally as stunning as the trophy.  When mounting your trophy, do not dismiss the importance of the mount itself!  We have found that the best trophy animal mounts come from live edge slabs because of the natural looking rawnesss and cut. 




What is a Live Edge Slab?

live edge slab mount refers to the natural edge of the lumber or slab  live edge slabs for saleunder the bark.  A partial live edge is a combination of straight and natural edges.  Live edge slabs portray the wood in a very naturlistic and raw perspective creating a great real stunning piece of mother nature at her finest.  Some of the most eye-catching attractive mounts are created from black walnut slabs and spalted maple lumber.  These beautiful black walnut live edge slabs can truly act as art pieces to hang on your wall without a trophy on them and still be captivating.

Hunters usually don't pick any catch they pick up to hang, it typically is an animal that created an experience to remember or a great catch.  The bottom line is the trophy animal is a sentiment to pride and a good memory. We feel that the best way to appropriately complete the reward is to hire a taxidermist who is exerperienced and artistic best capture the overall presentation from animal to mount.  The last thing you want to do is short-stiff your trophy animal but getting a cheap mount! 

 oval cut log slabsThe attention to detail offered by our expert sawyer and our ability to hand select each log that is sawn, gives our customers a huge selection of unique live edge slabs.  In addition to taxidermy mounts, our oval cut log slabs, clock slabs & circle cut slabs are being used for a variety of craft projects such as centerpiece holders, candle holders, cake trays, and vase decor.  Many customers have sent in their decorative paintings & woodburningon our slabs.  The uses are endless!  

In order to get these unique cuts of slabs, we ta circle cut log slabske great care in positioning the lob on the saw just right, to get that sought after circle grain slab you are looking for! In most cases, the bark remains on the live edges of these oval & circle log slices, which are perfect for uses in taxidermy plaques, clocks, coffee tables, as well as natural edged wall art.  


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