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Circle Cut Slabs

Bologna Slabs Circle Cut Slabs For Sale  

Circle Cut Slabs For SaleOne of the more unique products we offer are our circle cut slabs.  These slabs are cut to give you a perfect round cut of the tree.  We have a large selection of one of a kind Black Walnut, Spalted Ambrosia Maple & Red Flame Box Elder to choose from to!  The round cut slabs are entirely surrounded by live edges, and the majority of them have most, if not all, of the bark still in tact.  Circle cut slabs are full of character and raw beauty.  The Spalted Ambrosia Maple and Red Flame Box Elder rounds are extremely unique, with their spalted, rustic colors.  Some of the Box Elder slabs have not only red, but greens and blues as well!  Unquestionably an attention grabber to any onlooker!

bologna slabs for saleOur bologna cut slabs come in all sorts of thicknesses, some 3/4" of an inch thick and some 2 1/2" thick.  We even have a few that are almost 5" thick!  They have all of the natural "defects" (or as we like to call it, added character) to give you the perfect rustic appeal.  These pieces are very versatile and would fit in perfectly in the most elegant, as well as the most rustic of homes.  Pair them with some of our table legs, oval cut slabs, table tops and more to craft the perfect addition to your home! 

Our Circle Cut Slabs and Round Cut Lumber Pieces Make Great Plaques, Centerpiece Platters and More!

circle cut lumber for saleAlso known as bologna cut, round plaques, round cut, taxidermy rounds, log slices, etc, our circle cut slabs can be used for a number of things!  Some of our favorite projects that incorporate the circle cut slab include one-of-a-kind taxidermy mounts, cake platters, table tops, clock face plates, centerpiece platters, serving platters, candle holders, furniture, the list goes on and on!  Check out our customer photos in the gallery page to see the pictures sent in from our valued customers on all of the projects they've done! 

circle cut slabsWhat is a Live Edge Round Cut Lumber? 

Our accute sense of attention to detail allows us to cut the log slice showcasing the most attractive features.  We pay close attention to detail in all of our work, and strive to offer you the best product at the best price.  The majority of our slabs are live edge, meaning they are outlined with the natural edge beneath the bark, instead of the straight edge you'd find on most lumber pieces.  The circle cut/bologna slabs often contain some bark along the natural edges. Some of the wood slabs are entirely encased in bark giving the slab a raw wild live edge look and feel.  The downfall to purchasing a slab with a good amount of bark is that you run the risk of it falling off.  Although each slab is handled carefully and professionally, bark can fall off of the edges for a number of reasons (drying time, regular handling, packaging, etc.) In this case, we'd be more than happy to send some extra bark in your package, as we have plenty laying around!

oval cut log slicesThese circle cut/bologna slabs tend to steal the spotlight of other surrounding decor capturing attention with its raw like natural appeal.  Having an oval cut log slab is like having a beautiful piece of mother nature.  If you like these slabs, you may also like our taxidermy mounts and oval cut log slices.  We have seen a number of uses, including but not limited to clock face plates, cutting boards, candle holders, centerpiece platters, unique taxidermy mounts, bar stool tops and more!  We suggest you let your imagination run wild, and send us some pictures once you've found the perfect craft to add to your home! 


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